Weekly DiVa | Sep 10, 2023
How was your week? Did you enjoy your four-day week? To me, Labor Day week brings with it back to school vibes even though I have nothing to do with school, per se. I even bought a new notebook, and I'm fairly certain I'll be back at the office supply store within twenty-four hours after writing this. 
TULLE DEATH DO US PART, which is slated for publication at the end of October, is in the hands of the editing team, and I've been enjoying a week to dive down a rabbit hole and do some research for an upcoming project. It is one of my favorite things to do, and it takes me back to my college days of doing research for term papers, which ties neatly into the back-to-school theme I mentioned above!
Today's book treat is FIELDS' GUIDE TO ABDUCTION, a laugh-out-loud cozy mystery adventure by USA TODAY bestselling author Julie Mulhern!
For Hollywood influencer Poppy Fields, life is almost perfect. She wakes to sip coffee at her beachside bungalo, lunches with pretty people, and her name is on the list at all the right night clubs. Also, she shops. Like, a lot.
When Poppy travels to Mexico, with six bulging suitcases in tow, she’s ready for anything—sunbathing by breath-taking infinity pools, gourmet meals at five-star restaurants, glittering parties on patios overlooking the Pacific. Too bad she didn’t pack for a deadly adventure.
But then again, what does one wear for murder?
Or kidnapping?
Or meeting a Chihuahua with the heart of a lion?
Turns out Poppy is more than just a Hollywood golden girl. But with death lurking around every corner, she'll need smarts, acting skills, and a lot of luck to make it back to Rodeo Drive.
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Today is the start of football season. This may mean nothing to you. There have been many years when it meant nothing to me. But since moving back to PA, I have released my inner Philly Eagles fan, and I find myself glued to the television when games are on. 
I'm old enough to recognize that like a lot of interests, this one has waxed and waned, and I'm also old enough to know that there's nothing wrong with that. Some interests hibernate and return months, years, or even decades later. (Why, just yesterday I bought three Madonna albums!)
I used to think that interests had to be consistent to be significant, and if I lost immediate interest, then I must be done with them. I've often banished all signs that an interest was ever there. Now I think that we get to indulge in the interests we're drawn to when we're drawn to them, be they football, or Madonna, or mysteries, or something else. 
We can binge on what we love when we love it, because that's what lights us up, and we can set it aside when we need to and return when we're ready. There's no mandate that says it's all or nothing, unless we want it to be all or nothing. 
Enjoy your indulgences!
p.s. Go Eagles!
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This includes chapters from Nick Taylor's point of view! It's available in both print and e-book. Perfect gift for your friends who like a dash of romance and he said/she said with their caper/mysteries :)

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