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We want to bring to your attention the urgent matter regarding the mineral prospecting application that has been made by Legae Mining in the Kransberg. It has come to our attention that this project poses a significant threat to the environment and could potentially lead to a disaster!
We kindly request that you help us to object to this application by signing this petition and completing this form:
The Kransberg Conservation Area has the biggest vulture population in the world. It is also home to one of the largest national parks - Marakele National Park - where the Big 7 exist (Lions, Giraffe, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Hippo, Buffalo).
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News & Reminders
Our last tidbits of admin and member updates!
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We are calling upon all members for contributions for the MCSA's journal for 2023!
The Journal of the MCSA is an annual publication that serves as a record of the mountaineering-related activities of the Club's members. Each year, there are articles and illustrations focusing on the environment, the flora and fauna encountered in remote parts of our country and elsewhere, on search and rescue, and on the history, geology and archaeology of mountain areas. With this extensive range of content, the Journal is also an interesting, informative, entertaining and inspiring work, reflecting the spirit of adventure of the mountaineers and explorers of South Africa.
Guidelines, journal stylesheet, photo template and more documents about the journal can be downloaded from our website below:
If you have any questions, please send an email to 
Mountain Adventure at Hanglip
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On the weekend of 27/28 August 2023 the Johannesburg Section in conjunction with the Magalies section organized a fun and adventurous event at the Hanglip South Climbing venue, situated in the heart of the wild and beautiful Entabeni reserve in the Waterberg region. This well-known reserve, home to the famous "big five," set the stage for an exciting climbing experience which saw the participation of nine brave souls, divided into four climbing parties.
The adventure kicked on Saturday with a lively drive from the reserve gate to the climbing spot, a necessary measure considering the potential presence of wild animals in the area. This little journey didn't just ensure the safety of all participants, but also turned into an impromptu game drive. Thanks to the watchful eye of our ranger, everyone got to witness the wilder side of the reserve with sights of animals making the most of an overnight kill.
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On Saturday, the teams tackled the towering and rugged cliffs that are a hallmark of large mountains, displaying grit and spirit. It was a proud moment as every party managed to reach the top, showcasing great teamwork and determination. Two parties walked back over the top and down the Kloof Cement road, while tow other parties opted for an exhilarating experience of abseiling. Everyone made it back to the designated meetspot by 7:30pm.
Being in a wild reserve meant being on high alert due to the roaming wild animals, adding an element of thrill to the climbing expedition. It was quite an experience, needing everyone to stay sharp and cautious at every turn. But despite these hurdles, the day ended on a successful note with everyone returning safe and intact.
The group found a cozy retreat at a nearby farm since camping inside the reserve wasn't possible. This spot offered a nice place for everyone to relax and chat about their day’s experiences. The group gathered here on Friday, gearing up for Saturday's big climb and later wrapped up their exciting weekend getaway on Sunday, heading back with tales and memories of a remarkable adventure.
In all, the Hanglip climbing event put together by the Mountain Club of South Africa was a weekend full of fun, adventure, and an up-close appreciation of the wild charm that the Entabeni reserve holds. It was a weekend where every participant got to enjoy the best of both worlds - the thrill of climbing and the beauty of nature, making it a memorable outing that would be talked about for a long time.
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MCSA JHB owns a small property and hut within the 24000 hectare Wolkberg Wilderness Area near Tzaneen, which is awesomely situated next to a stream with a small waterfall, pool and a magnificent view of the Four Sisters with Serala (2050m), Wolkberg's highest peak, dominating the horizon. Visitors can base themselves comfortably at the hut, from which you can set out on day-hikes and climbing excursions (Warning! Rock quality is poor and protection is scarce!).
There are many day walks to waterfalls and stunning pools to swim in. Most of the walks are 3-5 hours, but there are also longer and more strenuous walks through Wonderwoud (the 3-tier waterfall) and Thabina pools (8 hours).
There are trad-climbing routes on all four of the Sisters, which range from grade 14 to 24. Unfortunately, the rock is not the best quality and protection is very sparse on some climbs. These are not climbed often, so climbs are dirty and overgrown. Although guides do exist, they are not readily available. Ask for a copy among the older members of the club.
ACCESS: The MCSA has special permission from the Limpopo Department of Environment and Tourism to drive up through the Wilderness Area to the hut. 
Roads are rough and require a high-clearance 4x4 vehicle. (You may drive only to the hut, not any higher!) 
If you're in a 2-wheel-drive, depending on the condition of the road, you may be able to park at the Wilderness Area entrance gate, then carry all your gear to the hut (7km ~2hr steep, but scenic walk).
PERMITS: Hut bookings, pyaments, and vehicle permits must be made via the MCSA JHB office. 1 member may take 4 non-members.
Members: R40 per night
Non-members: R100 per night
Children under 18 years: 50% off
Cars: R30 once-off
Entrance fee: R50/adult once-off (R30 pensioners & children under 12 once-off)
Permit fees: R50/day (includes the day you arrive and the day you leave).

Explore. Discover. Connect. Protect.
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Office Number:  061 461 8259 
Office Hours: Mon & Wed 15:00 - 20:00, Tues & Thurs 13:00 - 18:00, Fri 9:00 - 12:00