The Recalibration
Live Your Mission Without Crushing Your Soul
Are you in a moment of transition or reinvention?
Are you ready to heal, to begin again, and to create something brand new?
Are you ready to stop running, stop achieving, stop doing, and find the rhythm in your life and in your mission right now?
So many of us have forgotten the innate rhythm of our life.
We work until exhaustion.
We achieve until depletion.
We stop once we’re forced.
And we wonder why we aren’t thriving.
It’s time to move to a brand-new rhythm - in your day, in your body, in your life.
To live in alignment with your values.
To spend your days by design, not by default.
Our bodies are made to be healed. Our minds able to be balanced.
We are meant to feel free.
Whether you are an entrepreneurial woman, a woman with a mission (personal or professional), or a woman in transition, this experience will provide a framework for you to recalibrate, to connect and to reach your goals without crushing your soul.
You can expect:
This experience is an invitation for empowered action and energized movement.
It’s not about working harder, striving, or suffering.
It’s about allowing and getting into flow.
Each month will include calibration, connection, and coaching.
Your transformational journey includes:
  • Monthly 90-minute Deep Dive learning session on a topic (see topics below)
  • Monthly 90-minute supportive group mastermind circles
  • Monthly essential oil protocol to release blocks and create alignment.
  • Monthly intenSati workout [movement + affirmations + mantras]
  • Weekly Mood Booster to increase energy, alignment, and focus.
  • Daily accountability and inspiration in a private Facebook group.
  • Ongoing resources and tools provided as needed, including mediations, and reading recommendations.
This experience is for you if:
  • You yearn to reach your goals (whether they are business or personal) without crushing your soul.
  • Learn how to create a values-based approach to your schedule that supports both your life AND your work.
  • Identify old stories that are keeping you stuck and release them.
  • Incorporate rituals and routines that support your growth.
  • Learn how to create energetic alignment to feel more ease, peace, and joy.
As a result, you will:
  • Work with passion and play with abandon
  • Have your schedule reflect your values because you’re living in full alignment.
  • Cultivate your personal mission through heart centered work, either as an entrepreneur, in your career, or within family
  • Foster a growth mindset by shifting energy patterns to generate a higher vibrational frequency.
  • Develop authentic connections with other women.
Monthly Deep Dive Explorations:
  • Month 1 Designing Your Life Blueprint
  • Month 2 Elevating Your Mindset
  • Month 3 Enriching Your Energy Management
  • Month 4 Nurturing Priorities and Productivity
  • Month 5 Cultivating an Environment to Thrive
  • Month 6 Continuing Sustainable Growth
Monthly Program schedule:
  • Week 1 90 minute Webinar to Deep Dive into the Topic of the Month
  • Week 2 intenSati series 
  • Week 3 90 minute Group Coaching/Mastermind
  • Week 4 Integration & Reflection
Your investment: $333 per month (does not include essential oils)
take good care,
Curious, but want to chat to make sure it's right for you?