Quarterly Newsletter
November 2023

LFPA Program Updates
Fall is here and food is still in abundance! LFPA is on a roll. Our aggregators are working tirelessly to purchase local food to feed underserved communities. In Quarters 1 & 2, we experienced a slow start, but Q3 has proved to be one of our most successful quarters yet. Learn more about what is going on in the program.
To date:
  • In Quarter 3, aggregators purchased from a 136 producers out of 192 producers participating in the program.
  • 98 out of 136 of those purchases were purchased from socially disadvantaged vendors/ producers.
  • $1,397,188.27 was spent on food in the third quarter. Out of $1,397,188.27, $1,109,274.75 was spent on socially disadvantaged producers.
  • $1,272,818.57 in food was purchased from local vendors/producers and $124,369.70 was spent on out-of-state producers.
  • Starting January 1, 2024, products that do not meet the definition of “fresh or minimally processed” as outlined by the United States Department of Agriculture ("USDA") will no longer be a permissible sells item under the LFPA program.
    • Products that are considered “fresh or minimally processed" include fruits and vegetables (including 100% juices); grain products such as pastas and rice; meats (whole, pieces, or food items such as ground meats); meat alternates such as beans or legumes, and fluid milk and other dairy foods such as cheese and yogurt. Foods in a wide variety of minimal processing states (e.g., whole, cut, pureed, etc.) and/or forms (e.g., fresh, frozen, canned, dried, etc.)."
    • Items that are significantly processed or prepared include “baked goods such as breads, muffins, or crackers; prepackaged sandwiches or meals; other prepared and/or pre-cooked items that come ready-to-eat or that require no further preparation beyond heating (eg. chicken nuggets, fish sticks, pre-made pizzas, etc.).”
      • If you have any further questions about items that qualify as “fresh or minimally processed” please contact program personnel, Jason Smith at 803-734-0106 or Betsy Dorton at 803-734-0467.
  • To all LFPA Partner Distributors, please be patient with our aggregators as they are doing their best to get food to your organizations. There are multiple LFPA recipients looking to receive food and while our aggregators are working to ensure each organization is able to participate, SCDA cannot promise food on a continuous basis due to limited funding and increased participation.
  • Lowcountry Street Grocery joined LFPA as a new aggregator.
  • Lastly, Batesburg-Leesville Primary School and Charleston County School District will now be receiving funds through LFPA to feed students in high-risk and underserved communities. These schools will be operating separately from LFPA aggregators. If you are interested in connecting with either school please contact Todd Bedenbaugh at tbedenbaugh@lex3.org or Walter Campbell at walter_campbell@charleston.k12.sc.us. 
  • Todd and Walter are currently looking for milk, honey, grits, pecans, flour meal, meat (chicken, pork sausage, etc.), collard greens, sweet potatoes, flour meal, and rice.

LFPA Highlights
Here are a few memorable moments captured this quarter during LFPA distributions days all across the state. 
Thanks to community volunteers and LFPA participants, hundreds of families have received locally-sourced food. Remember—local is fresh food, and when you eat good, you feel good! Here is a special shoutout to Pick42, Feed & Seed, and Swamp Rabbit Café & Grocery for making families and others feel good! 
Also, let's not forget our Upstate partner distributors, Loaves & Fishes and Meals on Wheels, for doing a spectacular job in getting food to community members. If you would like to be featured on the next LFPA newsletter, please submit your Distribution Site photos in a zipped file to lfpa@scda.sc.gov.
 Thank you!

Producer Spotlight
Are you interested in learning more about your local producers? Check out SCDA's Instagram and Facebook pages (links below).
If you are a local vendor or producer and would like to be featured on SCDA's weekly social media post spotlighting LFPA vendors/producers, contact Jason Smith at jsmith@scda.sc.gov to become one of LFPA's featured farmers/vendors. 
  • Whispering Pines Farm – Debbie Webster  (Left)
  • The Purple Mushroom, LLC – Tatrina White  (Center)
  • Joseph Fields Farm – Joseph Fields (Right)

Additional Resources

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December 15, 2023
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