Falling into Oct
In this corner of New York, the leaves have begun to change and there is a crispness in the air. I love it! I've already swapped out my closet, and put away my summer clothes and sandals until 2024. I'm ready to embrace cozy nights by a fire, snuggling under a blanket with a great novel, taking walks with Molly (below in her “Burberry”)  under a kaleidoscope of fall foilage and attending 2 Parents' Weekends to see my college boys!
It's also football watching season. Since my husband is from Kansas, we are Chiefs fans…and that was before Taylor Swift appeared on the scene! 
What you are falling for this season?!
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“Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower”
~ Albert Camus

This Month in the Garden
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The garden is fairly quiet right now. Hydrangeas are wrapping up - though there are still fresh blooms, which is unusual this time of year. I think it is all the climate confusion. We are all experiencing it in different ways. 
To liven up the landscaping, I love to add a cornucopia of pumpkins, gourds and mums to our front entry. The photo above is from a few years back and is one of my favorite displays. I will also be adding pumpkins to the window boxes to mingle with the existing geraniums and ivy, which usually make it to November. Every year, I change it up and that's half the fun!
On the tulip front, we had a hiccup with the sweet, pink ones (Angelique) we normally plant in the back garden. Apparently, there has been a problem with the growers, so we were unable to order them. We decided to go with another pink, double tulip (Finola) from Roozengaarde in the Skagit Valley of Washington and I'm excited to see how they turn out.  The tulip bulbs will probably be planted after Halloween, as they were last year. 
Next month, I'll share the process of planting!!
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It's Sweater Season!
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Sweater Care 101
Fill your sink with cold water and a small amount of detergent 
Swish sweater around and let sit for less than 30 minutes
Empty sink and refill with cold water
Swish sweater, pressing it against the sink, not twisting
Empty sink again and rinse until suds are gone
Gently press sweater against sink to remove excess water
Lay sweater on a thick towel and roll it up like a yoga mat
Remove sweater and lay on a fresh towel
After a few hours, flip the sweater over on a new, dry towel
Steam your sweater if needed, avoiding any embellishment
Fold to store
Enjoy for years!!
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Fallcuterie Board
Want to have friends over, but don't want to cook a full meal? A charcuterie board is the perfect alternative, It is a delicious accompaniment to your favorite bottle of wine, and makes for a cozy, casual evening by a fire with friends. 
My friend, Stephanie, makes the most amazing charcuterie boards! So, I asked her to share her secrets to making one for Fall entertaining!
Local friends can order one from Stephanie or contact her about a board making class. You can also  make your own board, following Stephanie's tips below!
Charcuterie Step by Step
Use the best quality ingredients available.
Include a variety of cheeses: a creamy brie, an aged Gouda and creamy tangy goat cheese.
Next, add the meats. Two meats are a nice complement to 3 cheeses. Most people love a freshly sliced Prosciutto de Parma and a spicy Calabrese salami.
Complement every board….use seasonal fresh and dried fruit. For fall, fresh and dried apples are always nice. Be sure to put some lemon juice on your apples so they don’t brown.
Add a sweet like caramelized walnuts, or for a different flavor add smoked almonds.
Don’t be afraid to be creative!
Fall brings its own cornucopia of options… pumpkins, gourds, and beautiful foliage.
For more inspiration, visit:
Halloween orders need to be placed by Oct 20th
There will be an order form for Thanksgiving and Christmas
Follow Stephanie for updates and preorder release dates. 
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Italian Beach Chic!
If you follow me on Instagram @theprettypinktulips, you know we just got back from a trip to Positano. This was our second trip to this tiny, vertical town on the Amalfi Coast and we loved it just as much as the first time! 
I feel that I need to do a more thorough guide, but below you will find the highlights. May-September is the best time to go. June-August is high season and can be quite crowded (and this year it was HOT!). We found September to be the perfect time to be there. 
Start planning now if you want to go in 2024!
Enjoy my Dallas guide. You can download it!
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Positano Guide
Le Sirenuse
Adamo y Eva
Chez Black
Conca del Sogno *
Da Adolfo *
Il Riccio *
La Fontelina *
La Sponda
Boat the Amalfi Coast
Boat to  Capri
Boat to the island of Nerano for lunch
Cocktail at Franco's
Day trip to Ravello
Drinks on the terrace at Il San Pietro
Find beautiful dresses at Temptation Positano
Hike to the perched village of Nocelle
Lay by the pool
Shop for  pottery at Ceramic Assunta
Tour the Amalfi Coast in a vintage Fiat 500
*requires a boat ride

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Reading: Tom Lake
Listening to: How'd She Do That podcast
Looking forward to: Leaf peeping and 
Central Park in Fall
Supporting: Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Have a wonderful October…see you next month!

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LivE Give Entertain
Until next time…. xxElizabeth