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Sept Prompt 1 Check-In
How has this prompt been going for you? I hope you've been able to welcome little bits of ease into your practice and days. 

“My brain is constantly busy, thinking, replaying events, things. My brain would be more at ease if I were to just dump all of its contents out in order to relax.” - RS I can relate to this!
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Ease reminded me of effortless flowing lines and I decided to just relax and create overlapping watercolor strokes, letting the shapes form and colors mix in whatever way they want to. This idea also comes from glazing with watercolor so I tried to let each line dry first before adding a second layer. (Some weren't totally dry but I think it still turned out :))
This was so easy and all you need is paper, a flat brush, one color, and some water. I love the way the colors layer and become dark or stay light. If you like it, I encourage you to try! It only takes maybe 15 minutes or you can do a few strokes throughout the day, let it dry, and come back to it.
I was also really excited to finally find a washi tape that peeled off from this paper without ruining it so was able to make a clean border for this!
I think I'm going to try one more this week but with different colors and making sure each layer is completely dry before adding the next.
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Here's a few other ideas to try with ease in mind:
Coloring was never something I was into as an adult. Then I tried it and found it to be very relaxing and a stress free way to create! If you don't have any coloring books or pages, try creating your own shapes to color in, purchasing this printable coloring book for $5, or downloading a free one online.  
Take time to prepare for future projects which can make getting started on them a lot easier later on! Go through magazines and catalogs and cut out images for a future collage, paint swatches so you know what each color in your palette looks like, collect inspiration, create a quick pencil sketch to layout your next painting or paint a base layer on your page.
I recently came across these poems by Mary Walker. I then saw she has a free weekly subscription where she sends a poem to begin your week with (scroll to the bottom of the page). I thought that was so lovely and the feel of her writing and website was very calming and easy to me. I don't read much poetry although would like to and thought this would be a nice way to begin. I wanted to share in case you'd like to do the same!
Have a good rest of your week and take it easy!
Talk to you soon,
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