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Meet Tia Louise
Hello, First name / Reader Friend!
I'm trying something different and turning my newsletter over exclusively to an author buddy once a month. It's fitting that this first author is Tia Louise. She's been an amazing author friend and mentor during this whole author journey and she writes some amazing HEAs that hit you in the feels! I've had the chance to meet her several times and can't wait to see her again! So without further ado, I give you…
Tia Louise
Hey, fellow book-lovers!
I’m so excited to be in Breanna’s newsletter today chatting with you all! Breanna’s been a great friend of mine for many years, and seeing her take flight as an author is so cool. I love her books, don’t you?
While we’re waiting for her next release, I’m just dropping in to tell you about my new release A LITTLE TWIST, which is a small-town, single dad-nanny romance with a fake engagement twist. It’s spicy, hilarious characters and situations, brothers, best friends, and a little touch of angst. I think you’ll love it!
If you don’t know me, I’ve been an author for ten years next month (whoa!), writing mostly small-town military romance that occasionally has a touch of suspense. They range from light and funny to a little heavier, but always with a satisfying happily ever after (HEA).
With all that’s going on in the world right now, we can all use a little HEA in our lives, yes? As a lifelong romance reader, that’s my favorite part of the genre. Don’t you agree?
I hope you check out my new book, and if you do, I hope you enjoy it! Scroll down for a special sneak peek, and HUGE thanks to my friend Breanna for having me here today. (Hugs!)
Stay sexy,
❤️ Tia 

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“I forgot you were always too good to be friends with me.” I start to turn away, to storm out of the kitchen when he catches me by the upper arm, pulling me to him.
A wicked grin is on his lips, and his eyes flash with fire. My heart beats faster, and the hairs on my arms rise. 
He’s possessive and predatory, and I remember he knows what I look like naked. 
“No, Cass…” He draws closer, forcing my head to tilt back to look up at him. Our lips are so close, his warm breath skates across my cheek. “I’m not your friend, because when it comes to us, the friend zone is not my lane.” 
I swallow and my voice is breathy. “What is your lane?”  
His hand slides up my waist, under my sweater, and his thumb circles my n!pple through my sports bra. It hardens at once, and I exhale a little whimper.
My tongue slips out to wet my lips, and his darkening eyes move to them. I can’t breathe. He continues circling, watching my lips part, making my p--sy wetter as his mouth drifts lower. 
Placing my hands on his chest, I rise onto my toes. My eyes flutter closed, and I press my lips to his just like I did so long ago when he was a sad, handsome boy who’d lost his grandfather. When he told me I was pretty, and my entire body came to life.
His full lips are soft and warm, and as soon as they touch mine, his hand tightens on my waist, pulling my pelvis flush against his. 
His erection is against my belly. A low growl rumbles in his throat, and he takes control.
The kiss turns possessive, demanding. The hand on my breast moves into the side of my hair as he opens my mouth with his. 
Again, I whimper when his tongue slides against mine, curling and coaxing, and my hands rise higher, tracing my nails along his square jaw. I hold his scruffy cheeks like he’s mine, like we’re in this for real. 
Images of his naked body flood my memory, and I want him against me, inside me. No one has ever kissed me this way, like he’s staking his claim, and he’ll never let me leave him.
“This is my lane, Cass.” His lips move across my cheek to my ear. “It’s always been my lane. Understand?” 

My eyes are closed, and I’m nodding before he finishes speaking. “Yes…”
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