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It's very difficult for me to believe that it's been a full year since In a Jam arrived. I vividly remember writing the epilogue like it was yesterday. Speaking of that epilogue, I knew exactly how I wanted it to go the minute I realized Noah and Shay's story would be a marriage of convenience. 
I hadn't known that part at first. It came to me in a roundabout way--and after I'd already planned out and started writing an entirely different book. I remember texting a friend “I think this is a marriage of convenience 😬” The grimace, of course, was for all the work I'd already done and the time I'd devoted to understanding this couple and how much of it would be tossed out. But I'm pretty sure it was the right call. This is how it was supposed to go for these two. 
I'm so excited to revisit Friendship, Rhode Island along with Shay's friends very soon!
So, in honor of In a Jam's first bookiversary, I'd like to share one of my favorite little moments between Noah and Shay, and a few beautiful aesthetics from some very talented creators. 

“I’ll marry you.”
I barked out a stunned laugh. “You’ll what?”
He looked away, muttering something under his breath that I didn’t understand. Then, “This will, the completely unenforceable one with the ridiculous clauses—it grants a one-year intermediary period?”
“Yes. In order to fully inherit the land, I have to live here and be married by next July.”
“I’ll marry you,” he repeated. “You don’t want to fight a frivolous will? Fine. Then meet the terms of the will, inherit the farm, close the estate next July, dissolve the marriage next August.”
“You’re joking,” I said. When he didn’t respond, I continued. “It’s not that simple.”
“It can be,” he replied. 
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Thank you to @thelazy_bookworm, @messing_with_books, and @jenn.reads.romance for these gorgeous collages!
In case you missed it, In a Jam is available:
🍓 Ebook
🍓 Translated into Dutch, Hebrew, Turkish, Spanish (coming soon), and a few others I'm waiting on the go-ahead to announce!
🍓 Merch coming very soon! It's so gorgeous!
🍓 Special book box collaboration on its way! 
Thank you for making In a Jam one of my most loved books ever. Everything about this book was a risk for me and I'm still surprised, even a year later, that these characters have found a place in your heart. 
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