If you love an exclusive location, this is the place for you! Just 15 minutes outside of San Diego is Olivewood Acres which is quick becoming one of my favorites. They were a private horse boarding ranch that just recently opened up bookings for photographers. Since it's so new, it's still very exclusive. If you book soon, no one will have the same location as you! 
The vibes are INCREDIBLE. It's straight magic there and feels like a fairytale. You won't believe it's so close to San Diego! This is the perfect place for someone looking for a fairytale vibe and photos that are unique.
They book for photoshoots on Mondays and Saturdays. Click below to plan your next session at this exclusive, magical location! 

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If all this talk of an exclusive location has you excited, I have even better news for you! I have room for 3 families at this location. Whether you are documenting a milestone, or you just need updated family photos, let's make it happen!