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Sept Prompt 2 Check-In
Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear
Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?
Some music to accompany you as you read this email :)
Here is how our current prompt is being interpreted…

IIncluding pieces from our latest prompt as well as recent creations--things that were made after the last check-in, catching up, etc.
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"SEASON was fun to work on!
Synchronistically, I've been listening to Sting's album Mercury Falling and I've had in my head the song ‘All Four Seasons’... And when I saw the prompt I immediately thought of the lyric She can be all four seasons in one day...
So that was my inspiration for this piece. It's kind of busy and a bit of a mess but it was fun to make! (Watercolor, acrylic, pen, charcoal, I threw in everything! )" - Claudia
I love this so much and the way each season flows across her face--you've beautifully captured this song!
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Ease & Season from Vanesa!
"Top: An attempt at mono printing with a acrylic paint and a ziplock bag. While my plan was a total fail 😂, I rather like the end result anyway. So there. 😎

Bottom: I’m not convinced it’s Fall here yet as we are still experiencing 100F+ days; however, the daylight hours are noticeably shorter and we have had our 1st (of sadly many) “False Falls.” Thanks @letsgomakeart for showing me that trees somewhere are probably changing color.🤓 (So you see the little car? 🙃)"
There is so much dimension in the top piece--the part to the right of the middle looks like it's jutting right out of the paper! And I totally want to be driving down that road--hoping it cools down soon by you, Vanesa!
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"This #creativesparknl prompt from @atiliay met me where I was - Ease.

There’s been a lot the last few months, and I know for sure I haven’t processed it all yet. I know for sure I’ve just been going and going and haven’t sat with it at all yet.

But it feels like it’s starting to move back towards normal, and I know this normal won’t look like the normal of the past. It can’t..there’s too much space, too much of a difference in the energy.

In the midst of it all though, I haven’t been creating. It’s time to start again, but there’s a hesitation.

A desire to create, but to not create the mess..worried that I’ll ruin it.

A desire to speak, but not sure what to say or how to say it.

It’s like there’s this recalibration going on inside right now, as I adjust to life as it is now, to this new space (which feels amazing btw) and all that’s transpired.

I don’t know if that makes any sense, but it’s where I am. And I’m grateful for it.

So with the prompt of ease, I played with some watercolor because it just flows in its own..and I hung a big piece of paper on the wall in my studio to make marks on randomly to ease myself back into a more dedicated creative practice, with the first mark up in my stories." - Melissa M Really connecting with Melissa's words and the colors, shape, and flow of this piece she created!
I really enjoyed painting the overlapping lines for Ease and wanted to try it in color! I picked a palette that reminded me of the sunrise and sunset. I was a little impatient between strokes so there's a little bit of the colors blending together but that's OK--it's a reminder to take things more slowly. I also didn't have as much difference between the dark/lightness of the strokes but I still enjoyed the process and overall enjoy the final product. I would love to try this again though with multiple colors to see if I can achieve more of that dark/light layered look I love so much in the blue piece!

It has been a whirlwind this past month getting our family home ready for its new owners, purging, packing, and getting things ready for my road trip with Valentine! I can't believe it but we leave tomorrow! This past week has been especially busy so I haven't had a chance to work on season yet but I am very excited to sit down--most likely when I reach Bend, Oregon where I will be staying for 10 days--to explore this prompt. It's a new season in my life and also around me--I am excited to experience Autumn in places where the leaves change color!--and I am looking forward to how all of this will inspire and influence my art.
Wishing you inspiration filled days as we continue to transition into the fall season!
Have a restful weekend and I will talk to you soon,
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