Weekly DiVa | Sep 24, 2023
Good morning!
How was your week? Mine was productive. While I wait for Poly Monroe to come back from the editor, I got a start on the next Samantha Kidd Mystery. I haven't told you much about this one yet, but if you're curious, you can find out about it here. Let's just say Samantha is showing up and being her entertaining self! Other than that, it's been laundry and popcorn around this joint. More about that down below, but first, lots of book talk!
The Goodreads giveaway for TULLE DEATH DO US PART runs until Thursday, so if you have not entered it, now's the time! We are a month away from publication date. I almost can't believe Poly is about to be back! 
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There are a few things that I'm very good at, and one of them is making popcorn. You might think that's like saying I'm good at making ice but hear me out. I know some people buy a bag of already popped and seasoned popcorn, and some people buy a microwave pack. And for about six months, I was in a relationship with Orville Redenbacher, but eventually, we broke up.
Throughout my life, I've experimented with hot air poppers, microwaves, stovetop-heated popcorn, and more. I've tried a variety of toppings. I've eventually rested on the relatively old-school combo of butter and salt. 
Like all good chefs, I want to experiment with ingredients, so the other day, I went to the farmer's market and bought four different kinds of Amish popcorn: purple, blue, red, and rainbow. (How do you know which one you like unless you try them all?) I've only had the one so far (unlike wine tastings, eating four bowls of popcorn in one sitting leaves one…uncomfortable.) But the bounty of popcorn now sitting in my pantry leaves me feeling abundant! I mean, who has four pounds of different gourmet popcorns in their pantry? (Maybe Bobby Flay. He seems like the type to be good with popcorn too.)
We all have the opportunity to get really good at something that enriches our lives. And we probably have, but don't stop to see the work we've put into doing it. Whatever your thing is, here's hoping you take some time to enjoy the process as much as the end result. 

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