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Big Sales on Fire Pits and Pedestal Tables!
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Hey there!
This week we are running all Gensun Fire Pits 25% off and All Pedestal Tables 25% off! Pictures below!
With the change in the weather you have quite a few things you could be doing in the yard. Overseeding fescue/bluegrass is perfect this time of year. It germinates quickly and you'll have a much easier times of keeping it watered!
If you aren't overseeding you may want to put down a pre-emerge to prevent future weeds from coming up. We have a few options to choose from; All Seasons contains fertilizer and a 3 month pre-emerge (Great 2-in-1), Dimension is a 3 month pre-emerge by itself, and we have Winterizer containing Dimension which is perfect for bermuda yards or can be used later after your fescue/bluegrass seed has come up for a winter pre-emerge.
We have sales running on Cabbage, Kale, and Mums this week! Our mums are just now showing color which is perfect for the fall season. They are very light sensitive and if you see them in full bloom around town right now, they will be done blooming before fall really sets in.
Pansies are growing. You can pre-order these so you have the colors you want saved. They should be ready about the 3rd or 4th week of September. Minimum of 3 flats when you pre-order with us. Look below for a link to click to view the options. You can just call and place an order over the phone or come out and see us!
Remember, we are hosting private events at The Patio Stop Beer Garden! Let us know if you need a place to host a baby shower, fantasy football draft party, graduation party, etc. $125 for 2 hours gets the space reserved!
Check out specials below!
Come walk the greenhouses with us!
Aaryn Cathey
Specials for week!
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All Gensun Casual FirePits
Now 25% off!
All Gensun Casual
Pedestal Tables
Now 25% off
Various Heights
All Srting of Heart HB & Airplane Plant HB
Now 50% off
Garden Mums
6" Reg. $12.99 Now $9.99
8" Reg. $19.99 Now $14.99
6" Cabbage & Kale
Reg. $12.99
Now Buy 2 Get 1 Free!
Botanical Interests
Seed Packets
Now 50 cents
Plant Nanny
Water Accessories
Now 50% off!
Clearance Table
Now 50% off
Lots of fun stuff!
All Air Plants
Now 50% off
Select Cushion Sets
Now $50 ea
Select Pillows
Now $5 ea
See you soon!
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We collect and reuse Rain Water!
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2019: 139,057 gallons
2020: 85,762 gallons
2021: 69,888 gallons
2022: 74,315 gallons