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Lasairiona McMaster
What are your writing rituals?
I usually plot out my novel first - it's the worst part of the process for me and my friends alike. I complain. A lot. They just have to take it LOL.
What or who inspires you as an artist?
My author friends. Most people don't realize just how hard of a grind it is to be an indie author. It has its rewards, sure, but it's not easy at all. And watching my friends boss their job every day is hugely inspiring and pulls me through the tricky spots.
Do you include stories from family or friends in your books?
I do! And people I meet in the grocery store, or at hockey games.
It's the last day on earth, money is no exception, where are you going, what are you doing and who are you with?
I'm spending it with my friends and family. My son is my whole world. I've recently been reunited with my sister after a 3 year estrangement and I'm enjoying getting to know her and her kids again. We'd all just hang out together and eat good food and listen to music. Or go to a hockey game LOL!
Do you consider writing to be a cathartic process?
Absolutely. I pour myself into every book and it's glorious.
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