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The newsletter was a little delayed this week since yesterday was all about running errands in the morning so I could then start helping Ro get ready for homecoming.
Dress? ✔️
Shoes? ✔️
Purse? ✔️
Cute leather jacket since evenings definitely feel like fall? ✔️
Her nails were done (by me!) and my sister came over to help me curl and do her hair and make-up.
Driving to the school, I couldn't help but remember my little toe-headed toddler who I have on video telling me, “I AM a diva.”
And now she's blossoming in high school.
She's finding her people. She's finding herself. And Mama is all up in the nostalgia feelings this weekend.
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Here's one of the pictures I managed to grab last night—me with no make-up and my hair a mess while she looks all dolled up next to me. But I can't help but love this photo of the two of us.

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It's hard to believe that Sawyer and Evie have been out in the world for several weeks now! Have you read Soldier for the Starling? Here's what some early readers are saying:
“Masterfully written, this one is full of poignant emotion and stunningly beautiful sentiment. Witty, evocative, smexy, and suspenseful, you absolutely won’t want to miss a second of this mesmerizing, heartfelt, extraordinary read!”
~ Rachel C
“Looking for a bodyguard romance that is impossible to put down Well, look no further because Ms. Lynn delivers just that with Forbidden Love. The storyline, characters and writing are all riveting. Evie and Sawyer's chemistry was hot and immediate, although it took a while before they acted on that chemistry. Their connection after just one kiss has me wishing that I had a bodyguard in my life. Ms. Lynn had me pulled in right from the start and I was so engrossed with their story that I lost track of time.”
~ Kel S
“This story grabbed my heart, pulled me in and didn't let go. I loved Sawyer and Evie. They have a spark that isn't lessened over time.”
~ Jenn A
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I grabbed this edit from a post on IG…usually I like to credit who creates these and for the life of me I didn't grab that info at the time. If this is you—this is absolutely gorgeous and please reach out and let me know it was you!
Welcome to Aspen Falls, Colorado…a small town in Colorado. Meet our blue collar hero, Shep, and the woman he never wanted to let go…
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Hey, babes! We are so excited about the release of Blue Collar Babes – a romance anthology celebrating men and women who work hard… and love harder. With stories ranging from sweet to extra spicy, this collection has a little something for everyone!
Participating authors include Dee Lagasse + Victoria Ellis, A.D. McCammon, A.M. Wilson, Aubree Valentine, Breanna Lynn, Indie Sparks, Ivy Jackson, Jennilynn Wyer, Karen Cimms, Kelly Kelsey, KL Donn, Lila Grey, Lilian Luxe, Mignon Mykel, M Leigh Morhaime, Renee Dyer, Shannon O'Connor & Sutton Bishop.
Blue Collar Babes is now available in ebook and Kindle Unlimited! Make sure you grab your copy soon, because this collection will only be available for a limited time. Paperback is coming soon!
Cover Design: Cady of Cruel Ink Editing + Design
Interior Design: Victoria of Cruel Ink Editing + Design
All royalties from Blue Collar Babes will be donated to Jobs with Justice.
Please note: the authors of this anthology are not affiliated or endorsed by Jobs with Justice.
Did you know…
I still have a few of the original covers left on the Heart Beats series and am looking to make some space for the new covers. Want to grab your copies of the previous covers and get them signed at the same time?
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The book boxes I did earlier this Spring seemed to be a big hit. So much so that I'm working on some new ideas for one in the fall…
Are you interested if I do one? What would you like to see in a book box?
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In The Beat of the Moment custom sprayed edges are here! And they are GORGEOUS! These were done with Sabrina and The End Bookish Boutique and I am in love! What do you think?  
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Want your copy? Like last time, these will be on a lottery-based system. I will tell you that I have less copies of these than I do of Written in the Beat. That being said, unlike last time, if you are not selected, you will be able to add yourself to a waitlist/preorder list for the next run.

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Did you know I have a Patreon where I post exclusive content? And that you can get that exclusive content for $5/month?
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💕 11/3-11/5: HEA Reader Event in Indianapolis, IN
Grab your ticket for HEA here!
💕 4/18-4/21: Readers Take Denver in Denver, CO
Grab your ticket for RTD 2024 here!
💕 5/31-6/1: Hot & Steamy in Portland, OR
Grab your ticket for Hot & Steamy in Portland here!

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