Hello, First name / my friend!
I'm back at it. Deep into work on another project. I saw an early preview of the cover today and it was so perfect for this book and this couple. I can't wait to share with you what's coming next. 
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Yes! It is a blank page! I promise we're in better shape than staring at blank pages.
The post-it note stage, if you're following the wacky machinations of my mind closely, arrives after I've finished an obscenely long outline and basically injected the story into my veins so that these characters haunt my dreams and tarot readings (more on that some other time). I take all these moments and skirmishes, and distill them into “The Crammed Auditorium” and “Coffee, Pens, and Karaoke” and “Let's All Go to Vermont" before unpacking them into full-bodied chapters. 
So, the post-it notes aren't blank anymore and they're moving from this sheet to the pages of my planner, where I park the chapters I intend to write each day (let's be real: days. weeks. the occasional month). 
This is a fun one. I can't wait until I have the green light to share the details with you!
In the meantime, allow me to recap some of my recent book recs:
Sacked by Jen Frederick, a forever favorite
Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan, a favorite audio favorite
Hope you're doing well, my friend!
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In case you missed it:
Shucked is available in ebook and paperback. We know Jason Clarke and Christine Lakin will be narrating although we don't have a release date or preorder to share at this time.
In a Jam merch is available for a limited time through Novel Grounds (don't worry, we're still working on Naked Provisions goodies)
★ Dark & Quirky will be offering a gorgeous special edition paperback of In a Jam. Details to come!

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