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Big Sales on Fire Pits and Pedestal Tables!
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Hey there!
Fall is in the air! All pansies, mums, cabbage, and kale are now 25% off!
This is the last week we are running all Gensun Fire Pits 25% off and All Pedestal Tables 25% off! Pictures below!
With the change in the weather you have quite a few things you could be doing in the yard. Overseeding fescue/bluegrass is perfect this time of year. It germinates quickly and you'll have a much easier times of keeping it watered!
If you aren't overseeding you may want to put down a pre-emerge to prevent future weeds from coming up. We have a few options to choose from; All Seasons contains fertilizer and a 3 month pre-emerge (Great 2-in-1), Dimension is a 3 month pre-emerge by itself, and we have Winterizer containing Dimension which is perfect for bermuda yards or can be used later after your fescue/bluegrass seed has come up for a winter pre-emerge.
Remember, we are hosting private events at The Patio Stop Beer Garden! Let us know if you need a place to host a baby shower, fantasy football draft party, graduation party, etc. $125 for 2 hours gets the space reserved!
Check out specials below!
Come walk the greenhouses with us!
Aaryn Cathey
Specials for week!
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All Gensun Casual FirePits
Now 25% off!
All Gensun Casual
Pedestal Tables
Now 25% off
Various Heights
Fall is in the air!
All mums, pansies, 
cabbage & kale
NOW 25% off!
Plant Nanny
Water Accessories
Now 50% off!
Clearance Table
Now 50% off
Lots of fun stuff!
All Air Plants
Now 50% off
Select Cushion Sets
Now $50 ea
Select Pillows
Now $5 ea
See you soon!
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We collect and reuse Rain Water!
2012: 108,665 gallons
2013: 108,696 gallons
2014: 123,193 gallons
2015: 181,051 gallons
2016: 123,879 gallons
2017: 141,951 gallons´╗┐
2018: 106,330 gallons
2019: 139,057 gallons
2020: 85,762 gallons
2021: 69,888 gallons
2022: 74,315 gallons