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October/November 2023
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What has been happening?
France Trip 2023
Alan and l have just returned from cycling around France for 7 weeks. 1600km on e-bikes carrying just a few essentials in our backpacks.
Starting in Paris we collected our e-bikes from Decathlon and took the train to the Burgundy region where we settled in for the night. Canal riding is easy, flat & picturesque passing thru small villages, collecting our bread, cheese & wine for lunch or evening meal. 
Each day was filled with new sites, adventures and sometimes a hill and getting lost. Well, a lot of getting lost in fact. Not speaking French has its advantages and disadvantages, with or without, we managed a fabulous time in a wonderful country with great food, wine & countryside.  
We brought the e-bikes back with us, so guests staying a minimum of 2 nights at 17pounds Country Estate can have full use of the bikes included in their stay.
What is happening?
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Our indoor heated magnesium pool & wellness facility is coming to a complete finish. By this time next month November, we should be enjoying a warm soak, fitness classes & small group encounters.
We have pushed our aqua classes back to start in November due to a few delays with final finishes. So, if you haven’t checked out our website then head over to GYMCATCH and book a few sessions. Class size is limited to 8 – 10 people, giving each session whether it be land or aqua training a more individual, personal, boutique feeling. And we all need a little extra attention when exercising.   
Guests staying with us at 17pounds Country Estate & Wellness Escape will have the option of booking a private aqua & land session with little extras included. So, checkout the website & add a little extra to your stay.
What is growing?
Spring always brings new enthusiasm into the garden, soil is warming up and the dormant leaves are returning faster than normal. The poly tunnel has been cleared of its winter weed take over and ready for soil testing and composting.  
Seeds are being sown and seedlings being planted, so to be sure to wonder around the garden rooms, pick a few leaves and cook up a healthy snack whilst lazing over the water in the Pavilion.  
Until next time,
Janine, Alan & Teddy
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