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Control what you can control.
(I just happened to read this and it seems like good advice.)
And you can definitely control which audiobook you listen to next!
Here are some suggestions…
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Narrated by Callie Dalton & Lee Samuels
Narrated by Shane East & Aure Nash
This week's interview:
How long are your recording days? How do you keep yourself present/fresh/awake...?
I normally don't spend too long in the booth since I'm a pretty efficient narrator. I aim to get two hours of finished audio done in a day so I max out at five hours of studio time a day. Whenever I need to break for lunch because my stomach noises are louder than a jackhammer, I definitely feel re-energized when I get back in after. Sadly, NO COFFEE. It's a diuretic and peeing = dehydration :(
When you read for pleasure, what is your go-to genre?
I love fantasy (Brandon Sanderson is the GOAT) and I grew up reading horror/thriller (King, Preston and Child, Koontz) with my dad. We would swap the books with each other after we finished one. So they're very nostalgic for me.
Do you split your recording day between multiple projects or do you work through one book before moving on to another?
I prep and record through one project unless I have to delay recording, then I'll prep the next book in its place. I'd love to meet and learn from a narrator that can just switch between books/characters while recording both simultaneously. That's a talent I simply do not have.
What do you love to do on your days off?
I'm a big ol' nerdy gamer. I have this thing where I NEED to complete games 100% and I'm pretty sure it's an undiagnosed illness. But it gives me a sense of satisfaction and makes me happy when it's FINALLY done.
Fun facts?
I've worked in many different professions in the alcohol world: a quality control manager for a brewery, a maltster, a wine salesman, and a bartender. I also went to school to be a DNA analyst for criminal cases and actually worked at the state Department of Forensic Science for a little. It's amazing how much that familiarity with medical jargon, anatomy, and science terminology helps me with gritty police procedurals and nonfiction I narrate!
And be sure to check out Christian's narration in Karen Renee's Riot MC Biloxi series!
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