edition 10
Dear friend,
How is November here already? It seems that every year its arrival catches us off guard, but we are so excited that the holidays are just around the corner!
We are big fans of making every moment feel special, so the season of holiday hosting is our primetime. Setting a beautiful table and learning to gift intentionally are simple ways to make people feel seen and appreciated, and we are all for it!
If you want to learn more about how to set a beautiful table and show love through intentional gifting, tomorrow is the last day to sign up for our table styling and gifting workshop this Saturday at 10!
In the spirit of gifting, we are using this event as a chance to partner with our friends at Freedom Warriors. We will be donating a portion of the proceeds to support the important work they are doing. Learn more about their mission in our “Rewritten” column below.
We extend our deep gratitude to 440 & co. for providing us with this incredible platform
to address a profoundly important issue that is very close to our hearts – human
trafficking. This isn't just a distant issue; it directly impacts us, our businesses, and our communities. The unsettling truth is that human trafficking, especially child trafficking and sexual exploitation, is on the rise, with the United States being the leading consumer of the sex trade.
It's heartening to see that 440 & co. recognizes the gravity of this situation and stands with us, The Freedom Warriors, in our fight against this modern-day slavery.
Our journey begins within our own community, with a shared commitment to safeguarding our children. This is more than just a moral duty; it's a call to action. As business owners, let's unite and create a collective force within our industries and
communities to bring an end to this heinous crime.
Together, let's establish secure environments and partnerships to eliminate this abhorrent crime. The time has come to present a united front against the horrors of human trafficking, which can no longer be ignored within our communities.
We must collaborate to build a network of businesses committed to eradicating this
crime and supporting those involved in rescuing, healing, and providing prevention education in schools and organizations serving children and vulnerable populations.
Through our collective efforts, we can rewrite the narrative and aspire to a future where no one falls victim to the chains of human trafficking. The Freedom Warriors are
resolute in this mission.
-Maria Cochran, co-founder of Freedom Warriors
We are passionate about partnering with local organizations that are “rewriting” all areas of life and making an impact in our community. Learn more about freedom warriors below.
a time to give…
All the smells of the holidays are here, and every spice that comes with it...including the spice of the family member or friend you may run into.  However, I believe the courage to rise above and reach outside of ourselves is at the heart of our desire to give.  
We are thrilled to host our first "Friendsgiving" workshop with the intent of looking at the art of giving from the inside out. Our space and efforts are a true reflection of where we are. Now, hold on.... if you are a mama of little ones, just wishing a laundry fairy would land on your couch and fold the piles of laundry, sweep the floor or just make sure the dishes were rinsed and placed in the dishwasher, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE saying the prayer! I can hear you singing it now, friend! Yet with that very same desire, I find myself shifting to a pace of embracing the joy in the mess and everyday living knowing it's simply for a moment in time.  
Thankfully, a wise, kind and very honest mentor of mine shared with me that we simply cannot give what we do not have. That thought nudged me to realize that giving had to start with me. Embracing the unexplainable gift of grace and freedom from perfection and resting in the gifts of imperfection was my starting point. This dose of wisdom allowed me to immerse myself in enjoying my everyday living with ordinary things: allowing me opportunities to clearly see, teach and meet my beautiful boys where they were, so I could give them a space to grow in and call home where they felt they belonged. And isn't that what we long for the most? A place to be loved and belong. I then with all the hope invited my boys to pick the pumpkins and dress our table, fueling them with the excitement to give and start at our gathering table for togetherness.  
Please hear me out as this is coming from a mama that loves all the good smells and all things lovely: I was taken back to the heart of the giver.  Creating a well to draw from becomes inviting to those you love the most. I invite and challenge you to start from the inside this season. In this way, both your heart and your table can be a beautiful reflection of joy and the fullness of what gathering and giving truly gives. It doesn't matter what that journey looks like because as we choose to stay in the process, in the end, we are the ones really receiving the greatest gift: to give.  
Hope to see you at a mastermind class, joining the rewritten journey in every season.
Happy hosting!
Until next time,