Weekly DiVa | Oct 15, 2023
How are you? Things going well in your neck of the woods? Are things starting to look suitably spooky for this time of year? 
Things are well here. I spent yesterday at an author event hosted by the Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookstore. I discovered, after arriving early and waiting in my car, that the event was not actually at the Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookstore! All of my careful planning went out the window as I scrambled to find an address for my GPS and drove as quickly as I safely could (in the rain.) 
This sort of thing has happened to me enough times in my life that it would be ignorant not to see that the common denominator is me :) I did make it there before the event started, and all was right with the world. 
While we await the return of Polyester Monroe (in TULLE DEATH DO US PART, out at the end of this month, nudge, nudge, wink, wink), I have been working on the next Samantha Kidd Killer Fashion mystery. I've told you that I write from a Panera, right? Well, someone else who works at the booth in front of me every day just got hired to work there! So now I am slightly fearful that my dedication to showing up and working every day is one long extended interview, and they will be coming for me next! I figure if I just tell them I'm busy committing a murder, they might slowly back away. 
Today I have a free mini mystery for you from Iris March!
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A new teen employee. Stolen cash. And a garden center full of suspects.
Meet Molly Green, the main character in The Succulent Sleuth Series, years in the past when she was a teen working at her grandparents’ garden center. When cash goes missing from the register, Molly works with Grandpa Will to catch the thief. 
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Today is the day for homemade pizza! Last night Mom and I mixed up the ingredients, did the various steps of folding and stretching and waiting, and today we just did round two of the folding and are in the final waiting stage. If all goes well (which I am not counting on, because, while I have been a lifelong pizza connoisseur, I think if I had a natural talent for making pizzas I might have discovered it by now), we will be loading our unbaked pizzas into the pizza oven before the Eagles game this afternoon. 
My whole experience with baking bread taught me that it's okay to mess it up the first time (or the second, third, fourth, seventh…). It may take a lot of attempts before it's great--and that's okay. It takes a lot of pressure off to know that I'm invested in the fun of it and not just the outcome--which seems to be something of a metaphor for life. So for today, I'm going to have fun and make a couple of small pizzas and have fun with the process. Maybe in time, I'll be something of an expert, but for now, I'm just looking to have lunch!

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