A very big thank you to everyone that joined us during our week long celebration of 10 years as your preferred steak and seafood house. We had a stellar time celebrating and look forward to another decade serving the wonderful great Lansing community!
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Chef's Corner: Fall Harvest
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It is officially that time of year again, fall harvest time! Traditionally, fall harvest is a time of year for people to come together and share their bountiful harvests and gifts with the community in preparation for the long cold months of winter. All of the hard work of the planting spring and summer comes to fruition with a feast fit to bring a community together.
Harvest comes from the Old English word for autumn, Haerfest (meaning to reap, gather, and store what has been grown). One of the big things for me to harvest this time of year are my tomatoes. I love to grow a variety of different types of tomato sauce. That is a big thing that my family will go through over the winter months, and one of my main priority harvests. Other popular fall harvest items consist of squashes, pumpkins, apples, grapes, pears, celery, and beets.
There is such a good feeling of accomplishment with being able to go into your cupboard when the roads are full of snow and slush, and be able to open a can of something that you grew, harvested, and made into a meal to feed you and your family without having to go to the grocery store. Knowing that you are carrying out a tradition that our ancestors also took place in brings a feeling of primal accomplishment full of rewards.
The best part of fall harvest is the close-knit feeling of community. Sharing cans of preserved harvest, passing along excess squash, (there’s always so much!), or a pie baked of fresh pumpkins is such a great way to share with your community and instill a satisfying sense of tradition.
Jennifer Miller
Executive Chef

Through the Grapevine
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This time of year you see a lot of “pumpkin spice” this and “apple cider” that. While both flavors scream fall, I would like to turn your attention to another option to warm your bones on those chilly fall nights, good ole American made Bourbon!
Whether you like yours neat or in a perfect Manhattan, a good bourbon drink will warm you from the inside out.
Did you know that Bourbon is the only spirit the United States can claim as its own? In 1964, Congress passed a resolution stating bourbon is unique to the United States and like no other whiskey in the world. This prevents other countries from ever declaring they produce a bourbon!
There are some strict rules regarding what bourbon must be. First, it must be
made and aged in the United States. Second, it must be made from a mash that is at least 51% corn(this is the distinction between whiskey and bourbon). Third, it may only be distilled
to a proof no higher than 159 (79.5 percent ABV).
Forth, it must be aged in new charred oak barrels. And fifth, it can be bottled at no less than 80 proof.
Bourbon has been around for over two hundred years, with the Reverend Elijah Craig as the first person to distill this wonderful product in 1789! 
In 1795 Jim Beam was founded and has been passed on through seven generations. It remains the best selling bourbon to this day. It has evolved over the years but the process is still the same. There is an un-matured bourbon product called White Dog that has allowed many distilleries to offer new and interesting small batch whiskeys.
Do you like your bourbon neat or as a cocktail? We are putting together a bourbon dinner to happen in January so I hope you can join us for a wonderful night of delicious food and fantastic bourbons!

Heather Hulett
General Manager

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