Our Schedule:
We are now scheduling new project starts for May 2024. 
Our next opening to start design work is late November. 
If you'd like to get an estimate we can schedule a Design and Budget Consult as early as next week. 
New Team Members
With our designer Kristi going on sabbatical we've added some new staff to the showroom. 
Carissa Martin has joined us as our design assistant/designer in training. And Greg Davis has joined us as a new designer. 
Carissa has been running her own decorating business part time for some years and we hired her in September to provide admin support to our design team. She is also learning the more technical side of design and the intricacies of remodeling and the plan is for her to start designing projects for us in late 2024. 
Greg comes to us with decades of design experience and we are thrilled to have him joining the team. He will be shadowing our designer Stephanie for the rest of the year but, because of his experience, he should be taking on his own projects very soon. 


That's It For Now! 
You can reach us here if you have any questions.