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How is your Cozy Girl Fall coming along? I'm dropping in to share our next wave of podcast topics as we continue to enjoy our fall season. I'm excited about these coming episodes because they were planned with you in mind. Let me explain. A number of my clients are (or will be) expecting wedding proposals in 2024 (or early 2025). 
We've been working intentionally and deeply on your relationship skills to get you to this point, and I'm excited! I figured I'd give you some wedding/marriage-prep content to work through on your own and with your partner. I'll be sharing more episodes to help you think about the transition from “girlfriend” to “fiancé" to “wife.” I'm incredibly interested in any topics you'd like me to cover if you're willing to share. 
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Fun Fact: The pic above was taken on our wedding day. As the photographer instructed us,  Jeremiah pressed his face into mine to whisper a message that he knew would get me to laugh in the way he wanted it to be captured for this photo. 
I'll include a downloadable resource for you as a reference to keep after the show! Now, let's get ready for these 2024 rings!  
Thank you for being here!
We grow as we go™,
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