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Another successful season has come to a close.


We'll be participating in Giving Tuesday on November 28th +
Colorado Gives Day on December 5th for the first time this year!
Thanks to our generous donors Richard Rainaldi and Martha Records, and the Oreg Foundation, all donations until January 5th will be matched dollar for dollar up to $25,000.
Keep your eyes peeled for some very special content coming your way. 
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Please consider supporting us if you're able! 
We couldn't do what we do without you. 

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This created writing contest presented by the Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center, Jack’s Solar Garden and non-fiction author Gail Collins-Ranadive, gives students ages 14-17 the opportunity 
to write about the possible activities within an agrivoltaic system. 
Prize money is awarded for first, second and third place! So tell your students to write in!
Email for more information.


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PureSky Corporate Event at Jack's Solar Garden
In August, we held our first corporate retreat for the PureSky Energy team! It included a tour of Jack’s Solar Garden, a catered dinner, happy hour and music for 55 of their employees nationwide.
Thanks for hosting your retreat with us, PureSky!

Harvest the Sun: An Evening at Jack's Solar Garden 
In September, we held our first Harvest the Sun farm to table event at Jack’s Solar Garden, 
where we showcased produce grown from underneath our solar panels and lamb raised on 
the farm in various small plates for our guests throughout the evening.
We’d like to thank our partners at Colorado State University, University of Arizona, 
the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Sprout City Farms for sharing their knowledge 
and the research they’ve been doing over the last three years!

Solar Developer Agrivoltaic Workshop #2
Our first Solar Developer Agrivoltaic Workshop in June was so successful, we decided to do it again. This time, with three full days that included field work with our partners at Sprout City Farms, data collection methods with our Colorado State University researchers and site visits 
to both the Dryland Agrivoltaics Research Site in Boulder and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden.
Our speakers included, Byron Kominek and Allison Jackson of the Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center; James McCall, Brittany Staie, Alexis Pascaris, Kai Lepley, Brian Mirletz and Jordan Macknick of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Liza McConnell of Sprout City Farms; Amy Marble of the University of Arizona; Anna Clare Monlezun of Graze LLC; Christopher Toy 
and Matthew Sturchio of Colorado State University; and Nick DiDomenico of the Dryland Agroecology Research.
We’d like to thank each of our speakers for sharing their knowledge and expertise with our attendees! 

Alliance for Collective Action Fundraiser at Jack's Solar Garden
Last month, we were part of The Alliance for Collective Action’s annual regenerative farm tour. Their members are invited to tour urban and rural farms to help build the regenerative agriculture network and awareness around regenerative agriculture practices and practitioners across Colorado. Their final tour was at Jack’s Solar Garden, where we hosted their fundraiser celebrating farmers and ranchers across the front range. 
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to host! It was truly an inspiring evening. 

Agrivoltaics in Colorado: Grasslands, Vineyards and Phytoremediation
August CALC Webinar
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Agrivoltaics in Colorado: Solar Siting in County Land Use Codes 
September CALC Webinar
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Agrivoltaics in Colorado: Agrivoltaics in the Built Environment 
October CALC Webinar
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We’d like to thank each of our speakers for participating in this webinar series!
If you weren’t able to attend, you can watch the recordings for all past webinars on our website.


We'd like to say a very special thank you to each of the groups that 
visited us at Jack's Solar Garden over the past three months. 
Thank you for your support!
School + Government Tours:                                          Nonprofit + Corporate Tours:
Colorado State University                                                     Midwest Solar Specialists
University of Colorado Boulder                                            Scout Clean Energy
Mead Energy Academy                                                         ASES National Solar Tour
St. Anne's Episcopal School                                                  Climate Fund
Arvada West High School                                                     EDF
Resurrection Christian School                                               Green Drinks
The Logan School                                                                 She's in Power
CU Boulder's Masters of the Environment Program               PureSky Energy
Boulder Prep High School                                                    Land Trust Alliance
Whittier Elementary                                                              Garden Club of Denver
St. Vrain Valley School District's Innovation Center               kWh Analytics 
Massachusetts Department of Agriculture                             Bear Peak Power
Colorado House Majority Group                                          American Farmland Trust
Weld County Planning Department                                      The Alliance for Collective Action
La Plata Rural Electric Association                                        Eco-Cycle
City of Longmont                                                                  Coalition for Community Solar Access
Senator Bennet of Colorado                                                  Colorado Open Lands
Senator Heinrich of New Mexico                                          ERM
US Department of Energy's Solar Energy Technologies Office
Career Elevation and Technology Center's Greenhouse Production Class
Career Elevation and Technology Center's Advanced Agriscience Class



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