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Oct. 13 - Oct. 20
Pro-Israel rally in Times Square, N.Y., on October 19th. Credit - Reuters
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Gaza Hospital Hit By Misfired Missile
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After limited sources that a blast occurred at the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza City, Tuesday, news outlets were quick to adopt Hamas' narrative blaming Israel for striking the hospital. Hours later, Israel released video evidence and further proof that shows the hospital was hit from a stray missile that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad intended to shoot at Israel. As more information was released, corroborated by the Pentagon and President Biden, news sources began to backtrack on their initial claims and took a more neutral stance attempting to present the narratives released by both Israel and Hamas. 
People were quick to blame Israel on social media for attacking the hospital and later backtracked when more information was released, with many of the conversations now focusing on the misinformation and propaganda that was spread by the media coverage as a result. However, many users online still believe Israel is responsible for the bombing of the hospital, despite the contradicting evidence, and are spreading misinformation and unreliable information. 

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) quickly blamed Israel for bombing Al-Ahli Hospital, but later backtracked on her claims, yet failed to acknowledge the damage she has done by spreading misinformation. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), refused to acknowledge that Al-Ahli Hospital was hit by a misfired missile further blaming Israel for the attack during multiple speeches, prompting backlash on social media.

Hospital in Gaza
Gaza City
Israel bombed

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The hashtag #HamasIsISIS is gaining traction online after the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians. Users are comparing Hamas, a terrorist group founded with the intent to destroy Israel, to Salafi-Jihadist terrorist group ISIS, a terrorist group which is better known and whose brutality is well documented.

The hashtag in being used to express outrage over people who refuse to condemn the Hamas attacks or refute their designation as a terrorist organization. Conversations included comments that Hamas might be worse than ISIS because they killed over 1,400 Israelis in a short period, aim to eradicate the Jewish people, use women and children as human shields, stores rockets under civilian homes, and bases terrorists in hospitals.

Hamas is ISIS
Hamas terrorists 
Pro-Palestine rallies

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Anti-Israel Response
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Most of the conversation on social media this week was centered on raising awareness about the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists in Israel and the need for justice. Yet, as the war continues to intensify, conversations around Israeli airstrikes, the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and outright support for Palestine is beginning to increase. Here are three ways we see these conversations manifest: 
FCAS’ Command Center has identified a 9,500% increase in posts that mention “#FreePalestine” since the terrorist attacks began. The phrase, which advocates for Palestinian rights but often is used to also advocate against Israel’s right to exist, has become a slogan in the anti-Israel community and an easy way for people to share their thoughts online. Many posts on social media from celebrities supporting Israel are flooded with “#FreePalestine” response comments. 
#GazaGenocide has also quickly risen in prominence. FCAS’ Command Center has identified over 381,000 mentions of that phrase since October 13. Users of this hashtag accuse Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians, citing the high casualties in Gaza due to Israeli airstrike response. This hashtag has been exacerbated following the reports of the Al-Ahli Hospital bombing and the IDF calls for civilians to leave the northern Gaza Strip. The hashtag has been used in conversations exploring the concept of proportionality in Israel’s response and debates on the severity of Israel’s response. British writer Douglas Murray disputed the idea of proportionality during war, saying that only Israel is ever accused of being disproportional. 
FCAS' Command Center has identified posts casting doubt and expressing skepticism over the evidence released from the Hamas terrorist attacks. In one example, people refuse to believe, or have said there is a lack of evidence for certain claims made by Israel, such as that Hamas beheaded Jewish babies, or Hamas terrorists invaded Jewish towns and killed scores of people. In other conversations users have compared these denials to those who deny the atrocities of the Holocaust. 

War crimes
Innocent people
Palestine will be free

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Antisemitism rises in the UNited States
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Antisemitism is rising in the United States as a result of the conflict in Israel. Antisemitic vandalism, assaults, demonstrations, threats, and flyer distributions are occurring across the country, along with anti-Israel rallies. 
Multiple violent attacks have occurred in New York, home to the largest Jewish population in the country. On Saturday, a man punched a woman in the face at a subway station and told her it was because “you are Jewish.” A Jewish man was assaulted in Gravesend, N.Y. The perpetrator allegedly shouted “Allahu Akbar,” an Arabic phrase meaning “God is great,” and told the Jewish man that God would kill him.
College campuses nationwide have seen an increase in antisemitic activity as well. Some of the incidents include:

Pro-Hamas rally 
Rise in antisemitism 
College campuses

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