Though I'm sure most of us strive to have an attitude of gratitude, it can be challenging when so many things in the world feel out of control. Fortunately, Thanksgiving  has a way of putting that concept front and center, at least for 1 day. 
A few things I am grateful for this month: 
  • having both my sons home for a few days,
  • the beauty of the fall foliage
  • seeing old friends who are coming to visit
  • my sweet Molly's 13th birthday
  • a trip to Seattle to celebrate a friend's milestone bday
  • my 25th wedding anniversary (and a trip already taken!)
What are you most grateful for today?
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“It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon”
~ Sarah Addison Allen

This Month in the Garden
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This is the month it all begins….the tulips that is. 
Planting will happen soon because yes…we replant the bulbs each year. We did try to let the tulips over winter and rebloom one year, but they just didn't come back with the same strength and vibrancy, so we made the commitment to replant every year. 
We started with a few hundred tulips, just in the front of the house. But, over the years, we kept increasing that number. We ascribe to the “more is more” philosophy at this point! So, with that in mind, here's the plan for this year.
1700+ Menton bulbs in the front and side of the house
800+ Catherina bulbs in the back garden
800+ Finola bulbs in the back garden
The Mentons are the tall pink ones. The Catherinas are the tall white ones and the Finolas will be shorter, pink double tulips, that should play well with the Catherinas. They are replacing the Angelique bulbs, which we weren't able to get this year. So, it will be a bit of surprise in the Spring!
Below are some shots of the bulb planting process. The flags are used as place markers so that the bulbs can be spread throughout the flower beds. Then, they are planted in groups of 5-7 bulbs about 5 inches down. This allows for fuller coverage when they bloom. 
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Gather together
The past couple of months have been a bit heavy in the world. Perhaps that is a reminder to us that we need to pause and gather with those we love…and say thanks for the blessings we have. 
What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Are you all about a sweet potato casserole with the little bitty marshmallows? Fighting over the wishbone?  Ladling gravy? Or perhaps you are partial to the assortment of pies? 
No matter what's on the menu, my favorite part is setting the table!  I love using my fall china, Spode Woodland, and leaning into earthy tones and adding in touches of horn. Personalized pumpkin cookies make for fun place cards, too.
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The parade
Yes, I mean Macy's!
Living in New York, I've had the opportunity to see the parade from a few vantage points. And, hands down my favorite viewing was from my husband's office building, across from Radio City, where I captured these photos! 
We took the train in early, and found the city eerily quiet. We had a morning coffee at Rock Center and then got settled into the office with his colleagues to enjoy a bird's eye view!  
If you want to see the balloons up close, you can always go the day before (12-6 pm) to see them inflated, at 72nd St & Columbus Ave.  
Enjoy my Dallas guide. You can download it!
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Until next time…. xxElizabeth