Quilt Market Adventures
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I've found several new products that I'm pretty excited about and can't wait to share them with you. In the meantime, I thought you might like to see a few pictures from the trade show - and a bunch of pictures from the quilt display at the International Quilt Festival. 
I took as many pictures of the quilts as I could - but there were hundreds that I did not get pictures of. You'll notice that I take a picture of the quilt - and then a picture of the writeup about that quilt. I always love to know the story behind the quilt and thought you might enjoy that too.
Do You Use EQ Design Software?
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Recently, I have been presented with the opportunity to offer EQ8 Design Software, books, and other EQ tools to you through my online shop. It's a great opportunity - if it's something that enough of you are interested in.
Your answers to 5 questions will help me to decide whether or not I should add EQ products to my shop. I really appreciate your input!
A Few of My Favorite Things!

Event Calendar
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It's time for a Shop Hop! Get all the details in the Quiltblox Event Calendar - Read More … 

Thank you so much for joining me in the pursuit of creativity and for being a valued part of the Quiltblox Creative Community
I look forward to seeing what you're working on and sharing what I'm working on with you - until then - all the best to you!
 Deb Messina
PS: I'm working on updating the Quiltblox Event Calendar - are there any 2024 Quilt Shows (especially Guild Shows) I should include? 
Please reply to this email and let me know - Thanks so much!!
Birthday Club

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