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Bravo Sierra x Operation Hat Trick
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Meet MOUNTAIN PINE & SPICE: a fresh and woodsy new deodorant, designed for the season and in partnership with Bravo Sierra! 
Bravo Sierra was started back in 2018 with the goal of bringing high-performance personal care to everyday civilians. They did it because they believed that your average, store-bought products weren’t cutting it. “Sure, there were hilarious ads and good looking models, but in the cold light of day they weren’t getting the job done. So we took matters into our own hands.”
“Okay," you might be saying. “Cut the B.S. and tell us how you actually do it.”
By using clean, skin-kind ingredients that smell great and eliminate B.O. PERIOD. It’s personal care you can count on, even in the most demanding conditions.
All of Bravo Sierra’s products are 100% made in the USA by people they know and trust. Developed for the military, BS’s community of over 2,000 active-duty service members and veterans field-test all products in the most trying environments. And in recognition and appreciation of the servicemen and women who have given so much, Bravo Sierra donates 5% of ALL sales to programs that support military families and veterans. 
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Veterans also make up 40% of B.S.’s founding team (30% of all current employees) and they offer all active duty, veterans, and military family members an always-on 15% discount on all Bravo Sierra products, through GovX.
MOST IMPORTANTLY - This Veterans Day, OHT will receive 100% of ALL sales!!!!  And every other day, OHT will receive 10% from the sale of  MOUNTAIN PINE & SPICE!!
OHT will donate proceeds to organizations that support the recovery of wounded service members and veterans. Dedicated to Nate Hardy and Mike Koch, two Navy SEALs who were killed in Iraq in 2008, OHT has donated $4.6 million to 128 non profits in 41 states to date and will reach the $5 million mark by year’s end!!!!
Make a purchase with a purpose through the link below! 
Capital Beltway Warriors x Operation Hat Trick
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OHT is a proud supporter of Capital Beltway Warriors - Disabled Military Ice Hockey. CBW is dedicated to serving our active and veteran disabled US Military heroes and their families on and off the ice.
While some have played hockey prior to sustaining injuries, many who try it for the first time are enriched with physical and psychological therapeutic benefits and the joy of being woven into the fabric of the disabled military and first responder hockey community in Washington, D.C., and worldwide.  
Recently, the CBW sent along a round of videos, showing their immense appreciation for OHT's support. You can watch one by clicking the link below. And, make sure to keep an eye on our social channels for more soon! 
Camp Southern Ground x Operation Hat Trick
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In 2011, with the belief that his musical talent was given for the purpose of putting more good into the world, GRAMMY award-winning artist Zac Brown purchased 400 acres of farmland in Fayetteville, Georgia and built a world-class facility dedicated to serving youth and veterans.
With specific veteran focused programs, CSG aims to help veterans take positive strides forward towards a better tomorrow & bright future. After completing one of these programs, one veteran said: “THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK.”
OHT is a proud supporter of the important work of Camp Southern Ground. You can check out a full video on our special partnership below. 
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