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October 25th Emergency Update
Dear Yahel Israel Community,
In this time of unprecedented crisis, we are proud to update you that we have successfully raised 250,000 NIS for our Emergency Relief Campaign, enabling us to respond swiftly and effectively to the urgent needs arising from the October 7th terrorist attacks and their aftermath.
In times of crisis, the essence of community is tested, and it is in these challenging moments that the true impact of collective efforts becomes evident. At the heart of effective support lies the recognition that communities are best helped from within. Grassroots projects, born from the passion and dedication of local individuals, possess an unparalleled understanding of their communities' unique needs. By empowering grassroots projects, we ensure that aid is not only timely but also deeply meaningful, tailored to address the specific challenges faced by those directly affected.
Working hand in hand with our grassroots organization partners in the last week, we have supported:
1. Families of Kidnapped Civilians: Your support has allowed us to provide vital resources to the family of Ido Salminis, Yahel’s Rishon L’Zion Fellowship Coordinator, supporting their relentless campaign to bring back family members Carmel and Yarden. Hear their stories and help us bring Carmel and Yarden home.
2. The Ofakim Resilience Center: In Ofakim, where the scars of October 7th run deep, your contributions have helped us support the Ofakim Resilience Center as they stand by the families most affected. With your support, we are working tirelessly to rebuild shattered lives and instill a sense of hope in a community grappling with profound loss. Despite our support for the Resilience Center, the need in Ofakim is dire in light of government inaction. Find out more regarding the situation in Ofakim. (Hebrew article, but translatable on page in one easy click).
3. Families from the Gaza Envelope: Your generosity has provided immediate relief to a family from Be’eri who lost everything in the wake of the tragedy.
4. Itach-Ma’aki: We assisted our partners in extending vital resources, including food and mental health support, to Bedouin women in the Negev. Your contributions are not just provisions; they are gestures of compassion, reminding these women that amidst the pain, there are hands reaching out to help.

We are delighted to share some heartfelt words from Sarah Benisty, from one of our valued partners in Lod, Patisserie Lilly. Her husband, Lior, established this remarkable patisserie earlier this year. As one of our Fellowships host families, it is a place close to the heart of last year's Lod fellows. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict, along with staff and volunteers, Lior and Sarah have shown unwavering dedication in providing food packages to soldiers and individuals in need. To support their cause, they have been utilizing our Emergency Relief Campaign to raise funds. We take immense pride in being able to contribute to their efforts. This inspiring example highlights the significant impact that even small contributions can make and emphasizes the importance of supporting grassroots initiatives during these challenging times.
“We want to thank you with all of our hearts for your contributions. We have given food to soldiers in the Golan, evacuees from Ofakim, police units, homefront command and injured civilians in hospitals.
In the bakery, volunteers of all ages and types have come to cook and package the food. We hope this small act of kindness can bring unity and light at this time.”

Looking Ahead:
As we move forward in this journey of healing and rebuilding, your support remains essential. We are not just responding to immediate needs; we are sowing seeds of hope, resilience, and community solidarity. In the coming weeks, we will continue working closely with our partner organizations, channeling your support into meaningful action.
Together, in the spirit of Yahel, we will also be recruiting and organizing volunteers, ensuring that every helping hand reaches those in need of support in an effective and efficient manner.
With this in mind, we have prepared a one-page document that provides further information about Yahel and our ongoing efforts to meet new demands. You can access it here. Many of our amazing alumni will be sharing this across their networks over the coming days and weeks. We encourage you to take a look and, if you wish, share it with your contacts to help us spread our mission far and wide. Together, we can make a meaningful impact.
Your generosity and support in this time of crisis are a testament to the strength of the Yahel Israel community. Even in the face of unimaginable tragedy, compassion and solidarity prevail.
With heartfelt gratitude,
The Yahel Israel Team
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