Giving Tuesday is a movement that unleashes the power of radical generosity around the world.
You're invited to participate in sparking waves of kindness 
and inspiring change.
The kind of change Russ and I (Danielle) are making in the lives of couples through our non-profit is to inspire change with relationship challenges. It can be a delicate and challenging process, but it's essential for fostering healthy relationships.  
At Intentional Marriages, our success rate for helping couples repair their communication skills is double that of 
traditional counseling.
This means twice the couples improving their communication for every dollar you contribute.  
Please join us in this journey as we move couples 
from distress to success.
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In contemporary society, seeking counseling has become less stigmatized. However, when it pertains to marriage counseling, there remains a reluctance, as it's often seen as a last-ditch effort for couples on the brink of divorce, rather than a resource for addressing everyday 
relationship challenges.
Research from the Gottman Institute shows that unhappy couples wait 6 years before getting help. What are unhappy couples called who wait 6 years? Troubled couples. And what do troubled couples do? They go to marriage counseling further perpetuating the cycle of the stigma that only couples on the verge of divorce go to counseling.
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Why is this statistic important for you to know?
We want to provide Community Workshops to share communication tips and tools for married couples that provide transformational breakthroughs before things get bad.
Which conversation do you think a spouse would say yes to?
WIFE: Would you consider us going to marriage counseling?
HUSBAND: Absolutely not. I'm not going to have some counselor tell me how to live my life.
WIFE: There's a marriage workshop providing free lunch. I'd like to go. Will you join me?
HUSBAND: Sure, what kind of lunch are they serving?
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The marriage crisis is immense. But together, we can solve it. Whether you choose to join us by giving a special gift or through The Circle, our community of monthly givers, know that your generosity will bring 
communication tools and skills to couples.
In order to provide Community Workshops it would require $100k for 2024, which sounds like an intimidating number but we could reach this number if you would prayerfully consider joining ‘The Circle’ by
donating $20/month for one year.
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With most of you being local, you'll be able to participate in these classes and see your dollars at work. Your generosity would allow us to host local Community Workshops along with Lunch - remember we're trying to encourage the husbands to attend. :)  We'd also like to capture this for our Online Community, which would require a videographer team.
We are serving couples who are resistant to going to counseling. They are struggling on their own. Not only is their marriage being impacted but children in the home are being impacted, as well.
There are 92,650* families in Atlanta with an average of 3 children per family. (*credit: NATIONAL STATISTICS OFFICE OF GEORGIA)
Our goal is to reach all +92,000 families, which again sounds intimidating but we believe taking a different approach to marriage counseling will produce breakthrough results. And this will provide the momentum necessary to impact marriages and ultimately families in our community.
Giving Tuesday is November 28, 2023.
Will you mark your calendar and participate whether it's in our campaign or charities close to your heart?
You have the power of radical generosity to create a world built with compassion locally in your backyard.
Every gift makes a difference. Thank you.
Danielle & Russ
PS - If you made it down this far…you're a star! Just a note to say you don't have to wait until November 28th but if you do I'll send you a quick reminder so we can celebrate together what God has laid on our hearts for marriages for this ‘Heartfelt Giving Tuesday’ November 28th!

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