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The Hunter's Moon: 4:24 p.m. EST

I write this issue today in the midst of healing up a case of tendonitis. Which, as a writer, has been tough. So, I am going to keep this intro brief and jump right in today to one of my favorite times of the year. 
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Right after I took this picture, she began laughing maniacally. I think it was a sign. 
‘Tis the perfect time for witchy podcasts. Here are a few I have been listening to this month that’ll help you celebrate this Halloween &/or Samhain time of year ⤵
✨ All 13 episodes of Witch from BBC Radio 4, hosted by the India Rakusen (creator of 28ish Days Later). 

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Love, a Supportive Broadie ❤️
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Women in Podcasting News
You’re Not Alone: Navigating Life with Mental Illness is a mini-series by Braaains Podcast for Mental Illness Awareness Week. It explores mental illness, the barriers to good mental health, and how stigmas, diagnoses, & disclosure are repped on film & TV.
Simone Polanen, former host of Not Past It, is back with a time traveling trivia podcast: Past Perfect! She’s joined by comedians, writers, and podcasters for a 5-episode tournament, with each episode covering a decade in history, beginning with the 1980s and traveling through the 2010s.
Acclaimed news podcast What Could Go Right returns for season 5! Every week you’ll hear optimistic ideas from global experts about the latest news headlines.
Good Tape is a new print magazine that captures the conversations happening in the audio industry. It's first issue is now out and it's GORGEOUS.
Kouvenda Media, the award-winning women-led production house, has launched their new podcast Obscured. In their first limited series, hosts and journalists Stephanie Marudas and Emily Previti will cover stories from law enforcement trauma survivors.
B The Way Forward (which challenges disparities in tech & shares stories of hope about leaders driving change) has just unveiled a thought-provoking conversation featuring AnitaB.org President and CEO Brenda Darden Wilkerson with the multi-talented actor, musician, author, and activist, Janelle Monáe. 

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Meanwhile on the interwebs…
Musings on the phrase “with everything going on” from a newsletter I love from another woman in podcasting
To me, watching Nichole Perkins manifest this interview with Hozier is magic
Honestly, I think this video helped me reclaim the parts of myself that my PTSD from The Ring took from me in elementary school
Catch me following this segment on NPR in 500+ years 
What are we banishing? 
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This section is generally a mix of serious and fun(ny). This month in the wake of Hamas' attack on Israeli citizens, the Israel government's continued attacks on Palestinian citizens and the people of Gaza, and the propaganda running rampant online, I deeply hope for us to collectively banish: 
🔮 Dehumanizing other people and abandoning your own humanity. “Everyone's susceptible to using dehumanizing language and being misled by it.” Do not let yourself become susceptible. I touch on this here, too. 
🔮 Spreading misinformation and disinformation. We owe it to each other, ourselves, and the world to be discerning. 
🔮 Antisemitism and Islamophobia. There has been a rise in both. We must think about how our actions and words could be contributing to each.

What are you celebrating from this past moon cycle? Let me celebrate with you! 🌕
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