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Brock's newsletter  |  October 27, 2023
You're Going to Love Your House.
When I was a student tour guide at USC, we were told to share a statistic with prospective students and families:
90% of USC students report being “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their choice to attend the school.
Good stat, right? But it was kind of a lie.
Because what we didn't mention was that statistic was true of every university. No matter how or why students ended up at a college (any college!), they mostly loved it.
We humans have a way of settling in and simply liking what's ours.
And it's not just my school that's better than yours, but also my car is the best model (because I researched it!) and my dog isn't crazy like yours.
My kids are cuter too. It's just a fact.
Which is why you shouldn't fret too much about buying your house. By all means, choose wisely - price, area, type, size…it all matters.
But like USC students, 90% of everyone I know LOVES their house, no matter what they end up with.
So rest assured. Whether you buy the first house you see, or spend two years writing offers, what you eventually move into, you will not only be “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with it. If you're like most of the homeowners we know, you will absolutely, positively love it.
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