Weekly DiVa | Oct 29, 2023
Good Morning!
How was your week? Smashing, I hope. Or dandy. Or peachy keen. Or--(I feel like I hopped into a time machine for this email opener)--maybe your week was wongdingy? (Ha! I took my time machine to the future and used a word that has not yet made it to our vocabulary. So cutting edge!)
My week was not particularly wongdingy. The big news was the return of Poly Monroe in TULLE DEATH DO US PART! If you have not snagged your copy, then the links to do so are all below. (The audiobook version is currently being recorded, and the non-Amazon print version will be showing up on Bookshop.org any day now.) You will be seeing my social media celebration of the book as soon as my copy arrives. (More on this below in life talk.)
You are probably expecting my book talk to be all about TULLE, and you would not be 100% mistaken. But  because Halloween is on Tuesday, I would be remiss if I did not also point out that I have a Costume Shop series that I rarely mention to you, and the second book in the series is set at Halloween. If you like to line up your reading with your calendar, then you will definitely want to add MASKING FOR TROUBLE to your reading pile!
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Every time I have a new book out, I take a photo for social media. When I went to take one for this week, I tried to hold up my phone with the cover, but the computer taking the photo was too bright, or maybe the phone was too bright, or something was too bright, and I ended up with pictures of me holding a glowing rectangle. I hopped onto Photoshop to edit in the cover and was nearly ready to do so when it all just felt too fake to me, and I decided I could wait a week until my print copy arrived.
Five years ago, I might not have thought twice about editing the cover into the photo, but lately, I've been craving reality (which sometimes comes with inconvenience) over the alternative. There's an infusion of energy into my day-to-day when I experience something for real vs. online and more and more, I find that I need that--in the same way I need actual nutrition and not just a steady diet of cheese puffs. 
AI and Zoom and On Demand entertainment are all good in moderation, but so is connection. Maybe reality does bite sometimes, but at least it makes us feel something!
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(in case you missed it)
Polyester Monroe, quirky amateur sleuth and proud owner of Material Girl, the most colorful fabric store in San Ladrón, California, unravels the threads of a new mystery in TULLE DEATH DO US PART…
When the historic Waverly House is transformed into a wedding venue, the town buzzes with excitement. An out-of-town couple with the loosest of local ties has adopted them as their own. But amidst the celebration, tragedy strikes as a guest is found dead in the chapel before the wedding march plays. Suspicion quickly falls on the bride. Poly's ex-boyfriend, the groom-to-be, needles Poly for her help in solving the murder, but things take a complicated turn when the bride-to-be points the finger—at him.
Poly dives headfirst into a web of secrets and hidden agendas. From the eccentric wedding planner to the envious bridesmaids, she must untangle the clues while navigating the chaos of wedding season at her fabric shop. As the investigation unfolds, Poly has a choice: her familiar past or a potential future with the town’s most eligible bachelor. With puns as sharp as tailor's shears and her knack for finding trouble, Poly is determined to expose the real culprit before the bride’s “I do” becomes doing life.

Diane's full book catalog here.

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