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A My Little Pony, a witch, Michael Meyers, and Ghost Face walk into a house.
Sounds like the setup to a strange Halloween joke, right?
Instead it's what the Twinx are all going as for Halloween.
They'll be loaded down with candy come Tuesday night and I'm hoping for some warmer weather since we got our first snowfall of the year—and Mother Nature gave us more than a normal dusting. We got about 3 inches of the white powdery stuff here, but up in Denver and in the mountains, they definitely got more!
A few Q&As to get out of the way?
Do I ski?
No. I am accident-prone enough without strapping death sticks to my feet.
Do I snowboard?
Please see the answer to the previous question.
Do I do any winter activities?
Does sitting in front of the fireplace while writing, reading, or watching movies count? 
Those activities are definitely in my wheel house!
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What about you? Are you a skiier, snowboarder, or other winter sport/activity person? Is winter your favorite season?

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We're getting ready to release all the information on Mistletoe Creek on Wednesday! Who's ready to hear more? Want a little more of the blurb? Here you go!
One night of living Cinderella’s fairy tale led to the most incredible experience of my life. No names. No identities. Just two strangers indulging in toe-curling fantasy.
But fairy tales don’t exist, right? Certainly not when he shows up at my door one month later.
My sexy Prince Charming turns out to be my stepbrother…and he’s spending the holidays with us so there’s no escape. He has two objectives: judging my family’s bed and breakfast, The Glass Slipper, and trying to pick up where we left off. And with every mind-blowing kiss, I’m forgetting why we can’t.
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Nothing good happens after midnight…or does it?
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Do you subscribe to other author patreons? What features do you love? Which features would you rather not see?
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HEA is next weekend! Eek! That's so exciting! I can't wait to meet you so if you're in Indy, come say hello!
💕 11/3-11/5: HEA Reader Event in Indianapolis, IN
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💕 4/18-4/21: Readers Take Denver in Denver, CO
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💕 5/31-6/1: Hot & Steamy in Portland, OR
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