I absolutely LOVE mini sessions. There is no greater bang for your buck, and they are perfect for capturing kids. These black and white mini sessions are some of my favorites, and I do them every year. Mark your calendar because they are just around the corner!
These are the mini-est of all the mini sessions at just 5 minutes. If you have rambunctious kiddos who you feel would never sit for a full session, this is for you! Really, if you have kids, this is for you! Sessions are short, you don’t have to worry about outfits, and the photos are timeless. Sign me up!
One of my favorite things about the black and white mini sessions is that they ALWAYS show just how much personality your kids have. And you and I both know they have TONS! This style of photography really lets them shine, and I am positive that when you look back at these years from now, you'll remember exactly how they were during this stage.
I'm not one to tell you what to do, but you should totally ditch the school photos and do these instead. Seriously.  

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This would make a great holiday gift for someone you love! I can provide you with a gift certificate for you to present this holiday season. They will have enough time to plan for the session in February, and I can think of no greater gift than capturing memories!  
Look out for the link during Black Friday and really score a great deal ;)