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β€œAll narrative begins for me as listening. When I read, I listen. When I write, I listen.” 
β€” Toni Morrison
(Just in case you needed another reason to listen.)
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Narrated by Janine Granda & Bryant Walker
Narrated by Lilly Drake & Matt Haynes
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SFN: What's your favorite part of the process? Prep? Recording dialogue? Pressing Save?
CR: Love the whole part. But particularly the performance part. And meeting the fans and authors.
SFN: What's the oddest object inside your booth?
CR: A warming eye mask. For when my eyes are pooped.
SFN: What are you reading/watching/eating/whatever-floats-your-boat these days that you want everyone else to try?
CR: I just finished Succession. I’m about to watch the final season of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I listened to the podcast The Witch Trials of JK Rowling (incredible). I also listen to WTF and Armchair Expert interviews.
SFN: What do you love to do on your days off?
CR: Take long walks. Cook. Spend time with my family. Not talk too much. Lol.
SFN: Is there another narrator or an author that you'd love to shine a light on?
CR: Megan Tusing (narrator) and Rebecca Yarros (author)
and be sure to check out her work in Unexpected by Amy Knupp, live tomorrow!
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