Profit-driven AI: From Concept to Growth - The Guide to Impactful AI Products
Are you navigating the crowded AI landscape, finding that despite the wealth of tools available, the promise of business value remains elusive and you are lost in chaos?
You're not alone, I've been in your shoes before. Many founders invest significant time and resources into AI development, only to encounter the challenge of assessing and extracting tangible benefits from these solutions. 
The key is not just to build another AI product, but to develop one that stands out for its business impact. The process should not be a drain on your resources, nor should the outcomes be a gamble. 
What if I told you that you can implement AI Product Hatching, a proven structured process for founders like you, that is tailored to help you transform your ideas into successful AI products without the hassle of spending tons of resources and time with unknown and ambiguous outcomes? 
Thursday, November 30
4pm EST / 1pm PST
What you’ll learn:
I am excited to offer a 60-minute workshop that can help you:
  • Demystify key AI technical concepts to build successful products & accelerate product development
  • Get a sneak peak of the AI landscape, tools & value chain
  • Identify ways to prove ROI for impactful AI product launches
  • Understand the AI Product Lifecycle to build competitive, user-centric and ethical AI products
After my workshop, you will get a FREE 30-min AI Product Consultation!
Are you willing to invest in crafting AI solutions that deliver clear, competitive business advantages? Let's turn the tide from uncertainty to a fast, strategic, value-driven AI deployment. 
If you are ready to make a long-lasting impact in defining the next-generation AI products and not be left behind, join us on Nov 30, 4pm EST / 1pm PST.

Eva Agapaki, Ph.D.

About Eva
Dr. Agapaki is an experienced AI Product Management leader with 10 years of leadership and diverse technical product experiences in the public, private and startup sectors. Ph.D. in ML from MIT/ University of  Cambridge, AI Professor, Founder.