Weekly DiVa | Nov 12, 2023
How've been? Aces, you say? I mean, I literally just heard you say “aces,” so you clearly had a good week. I have had very much of an okay week, though if I think about it, I could just as easily call it a good week or a bad week. Good because no catastrophes befell me, and bad because nothing terribly exciting happened, which makes me see that there is a fine line between good and bad!
As you know, Samantha Kidd is up next in RANCH DRESSING, due out in February. I know that seems like a long time away, so for now, I'd like to give you the gift of time frittering in the form of a new puzzle! 198 pieces to keep your brain sharp. Click the image below to access. 🧩
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If you're not in a puzzle-y mood, then I've got another treat for you. This one from P.D. Workman. a cupcake-themed mystery!
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Erin Price moves to Bald Eagle Falls, a place where everyone knows everyone as well as everyone else’s business, taking over the store left to her by her aunt to start up a gluten-free bakery. The grand opening is marred by just one thing, the death of her business rival, Angela Plaint. It appears that Angela was poisoned by one of Erin’s cupcakes, making her a prime suspect.
Equipped with cupcakes, her desire for the truth, and new bakery assistant Vicky’s help, Erin goes head-to-head against Detective Terry Piper to solve the murder. Rumors of treasure hunting, drug dealing, and a missing boy swirl around Bald Eagle Falls as Erin tries to sort the clues from the red herrings and find the killer before the killer can take care of her.
"P.D. Workman has done it again! This introduction to a new series involves a fresh start, sympathetic characters, and a murder. I spent the last ten minutes of the book standing up to read because I was off to do something but just couldn't put it down until I got to the end. I haven't been that invested in a book in a while."
Like baking mysteries? Cats, dogs, and other pets? Award-winning and USA Today Bestselling Author P.D. Workman brings readers to small town Bald Eagle Falls for a culinary cozy mystery to be solved by gluten-free baker Erin Price and her friends. 
I was talking to a friend the other day about how naturally we all go to worst case scenarios. It turns out this is actually how our brains are wired: we seek out that worst-case scenario to make ourselves feel safe, but in doing so, we normalize the worst-case scenario and lower our expectations that things are going to go right. 
So I got to thinking about worst case scenarios, and why we automatically think things are going to turn sour instead of thinking they're going to--what would my metaphor be here?--turn out sweeter than expected? (I really had to think for a bit to come up with “sweeter.”) 
Why do we expect the worst and hope for the best? Why not just expect the best? 

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