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This season may present joyous celebrations of cross-cultural winter holidays and potential challenges to our mental well-being. Alongside the festivities, stress, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and intensified grief can cast a shadow on our spirits*. It's important to acknowledge that these emotions can coexist.
Additionally, staying organized may prove more difficult during this time of year. The relentless marketing we experience year-round kicks into high gear, tempting us to indulge in unnecessary purchases. As someone who shares organizing and decor recommendations, I am sensitive to the impact of consumerism. We must consider our priorities, budget wisely, and honor our capacity for new things.
Below are a few tips to navigate this complex period:
  • No Spend November: Dedicate this month to only purchasing essential items. Like my participation in the No New Things challenge, this practice encourages reflection on spending habits while fostering gratitude for what we already possess (tangible and intangible).
  • Declutter: Making deliberate decisions about your current belongings. Doing so will remind you of the abundance already in your life while potentially rediscovering items you intend to repurchase. It may also include unsubscribing from unwanted emails and physical mail and unfollowing individuals on social media who no longer align with your lifestyle goals.
  • Buy Slowly: Take your time when making online purchases. Adding items to your shopping cart and pausing before buying, you can identify actual sales from false ones, reflect on whether you truly need the item, and discover alternatives that already fulfill your needs.
  • Clutter-free Gifts: Consider giving clutter-free gifts, such as specialty food items, experiential presents like workshops, memberships, or subscriptions, or the gift of time, like grocery delivery, meal, or house cleaning services.
What else? I'd love to hear how you're approaching this season with intention.

Personal update
I did not share an October newsletter due to my vacation in Dubai (photo above). It was a powerful lesson for me in releasing self-imposed pressures and practicing mindfulness.

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I have minimal sessions left in 2023. Potential clients get started with a free 15-minute consult video call. Current clients, please email me.
Speaking of clutter-free gifts, I want to offer my time for a limited number of closet-focused (including pantry) virtual organizing sessions (valued at $125 per hour). These sessions are for individuals motivated to complete their projects but need tips and resources. Reply today!
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*It's normal to experience occasional low moods. However, if your feelings persist for several days and hinder your ability to engage in activities you typically enjoy, please consult with your healthcare provider.  
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