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Come experience Noya Rao

Noya Rao, known in Spanish as “Palo Volador” or “The Flying Tree” is a mythical plant, of which there are only five known in the entire Amazon Basin. When shed, her leaves glow brightly in the dark, which is one reason why she is also known by those that seek her as “The Tree of Light.” In Shipibo culture, Noya translates as “Flying” and Rao to “Plant Spirit” which has given rise to the affectionate naming of her as “The Flying Plant Spirit.” This tree has been used in sacred ceremony by the Mahua Shipibo traditions for centuries and dieting on her bark is believed to be essential in the path towards becoming a healer.
This dieta is said to enhance one’s connection and relationships to the spirits indwelling in other sacred plants and to facilitate profound transformation in the individual. Dieting this great timber can lead to greater capacity for organised thought, mental clarity, activate one’s intuitive capacities and help to bring to light unconscious assumptions one may have about the world; in turn leading the dietero (a) to develop the courage necessary to abandon limiting beliefs and change their perceptions.
As I was dieting Noya Roa in the jungle, I was told during one of the ceremonies to share the light of this tree with my community by combining it with Blue Lotus tea. The very next day, as I was praying at the Noya Rao tree, a Blue Morpho butterfly landed on the trunk of the tree - confirming the guidance I had received the night before.
As such, we will be offering a ceremonial sound journey including Blue Lotus tea and drops from a micro dose tincture of Noya Rao that I've brought back from the Amazon. We will open up the directions and our ceremony, and be guided by a variety of instruments as we weave these plant spirits together to curate a unique experience into expanded awareness and connection.
We will be journeying through the Winter Solstice on December 21st, leveraging this powerful portal of time to amplify our prayers and intentions for all of humanity. This will be hosted at Sun Moon Studios in West Sedona. Cost is $33 per person presale (before Dec 21st) and $44 at the door the day of the event. Payment can be sent via Venmo to @imaadama or by clicking the link below.
Looking forward to gathering with you soon,
Ima & Reaya

Ima is a trauma-informed, somatic oriented facilitator and musician with 7 years of experience working with plant medicine, running his own retreats and ceremonies while coaching hundreds of people around the world through his organizations and coaching programs. He utilizes Elemental Leadership ™ to support people in unlocking the most authentic expression of their gifts and rise into their power.
Reaya is a ceremonial artist that channels song and prayer as a bridge between earth and sky. She offers womb healing, energetic clearing and intuitive guidance to align the body, heart and voice in the highest possible octave.