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November 2023 Newsletter
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Grit & Grace: A Powerful Tool for Women
Here's How You Get It.
"I’ve always made it a practice to study the behavior of accomplished women – what works and what doesn’t – and have used my learnings as trial and error in my own career. Now, as an executive coach, I’m able to leverage that leadership knowledge and experience to support the growth and effectiveness of other women leaders. It’s a privilege.
When I think of the women leaders who are most effective, two words come to mind: grit and grace. I’ll bet it’s the same for you. Try it. Take just a moment and picture in your mind a woman that you respect and admire. Now, consider her within the context of grit – firmness of character and an indominable spirit – and grace – ease and elegance of form and style. I’m guessing there’s a match."
research & grants update
With the close of a productive month, I am pleased to report forward strides by the Research & Grants Team.
Members participated in a Three Focus Areas survey. The result has set the stage for targeted action against the "Cliff Effect" that hampers career progress for women approaching the fiscal cliff.
Three innovative programs have caught our attention, each offering promising solutions to these career transition challenges. We've engaged in thoughtful discussions, pored over their detailed proposals, and prepared a recommendation with the valuable input and guidance of the Central Florida Foundation.
The next exciting phase is for members to vote for ratification of this recommendation, allowing each member to contribute to the impactful initiatives of our next grant cycle.
We will share the results of this vote and our 2024 grantee soon!
We also want to express our sincere appreciation to the Research & Grants Team. The dedication and expertise shown by every team member have been pivotal in reaching this stage. Your commitment is shaping the change we envision for our community.
Warmest regards,
Patricia Burlaud
Research & Grants Chair
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Join us for our monthly Members & Friends Breakfasts at The Glass Knife in Winter Park! All are welcome. Beings at 8:00am. Dutch treat.
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