Heritage on a Dinner Plate
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The theme for this year's Metropolitan Society Quilt Challenge is Heritage on a Small Scale.
I'd been doing some genealogy research and had all those interesting charts and graphs that represent my heritage, and where I came from. My thought - recreate them with needle and thread for the 2023 challenge. I spent months playing with design ideas, trying first one and then another. Nothing I tried seemed to give me that "Aha moment".
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Road to California is the next big show coming up! Get all the details in the Quiltblox Event Calendar -
Also - I'm still working on updating the event calendar with all the shows and shop hops for 2024. If there's a show or shop hop you'd like to see listed - please let me know. I'm particularly looking for info for the Pacific Northwest - as well as the major national shows. (Thanks!!)

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PS: The Quiltblox 12 Days of Christmas is right around the corner! At 7:00 am each morning (December 1 - 12) - look for a message from me - each one featuring a special quilting goodie.
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