membership for ongoing astrological support
Astrologers Amy Green & Alex Maune
facilitated groups private tutoring ✾ individual check-ins
Weekly meet-ups, one on one tutoring options, and living workshops. We'll help you map what moves you.
Are you ready to enhance your innate sense of timing?
Join at any tier for our Rising Sign Groups, Astrology Student Corner, and New/Full Moon Q&As
CBJ groups
✾ shared experiences
✾ peer support
✾ applied astrology
Astro Student Corner
✾ learning focused
✾ technical questions
astrology for students of astrology
New & FUll Moon Q&A
open to the public
beginner friendly
Join us on Instagram Live 3 days ahead of each new & full moon!
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But here's the thing:
Group learning is not ideal for everyone.
That's why we've put private, one-on-one tutoring and support sessions at the heart of this membership.
Are you a non-astrologer looking for consistent astrological support during a rapidly changing time of life? Are you a student seeking accountability and active practice on your learning journey? Do you need help structuring your approach to study? Are you looking for generative, instructive feedback on your own chart reading skills? 
Astrologers typically see returning clients once or twice per year. And that's a great option! A stand-alone reading is just the thing when you want to get realigned with your personal truths and timing.
What we're offering here is something different.
We work with clients and students to provide ongoing support for a host of unique alchemical journeys.
Regular check-ins ground our work with you in real time. They allow us to provide informed, targeted, accountable support through situations that take time to unfold.
For us, the highest quality of astrological care lives inside our relational containers.

  Moon Tier                Venus Tier                Mercury Tier                Jupiter Tier
Venus Tier
The Venus Tier secures your place in our calendar of 20 minute private check-ins.
Personalized astrology support that fits into your busy life.
Keep your studies on track with targeted tutoring or use as mini-readings for one or two focused questions. 
Schedule up to two check-ins each month. When things come up, you'll already have us in your network of care.
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Already enrolled in Austin Coppock's Fundamentals of Astrology or another formalized curriculum?
In addition to running their own consultation practice since 2016, Amy is a qualified FOA graduate and a teacher within the current FOA program! This offering pairs well with your FOA studies. Solidify your grasp of foundational material and put your learning into practice.
Just starting out?
We're so glad you're here! We heartily recommend the FOA curriculum for new students of astrology. But it is not required to work with us. We'll help you build sturdy bridges to any kind of astrology you're excited to explore.
Mercury Tier
The Mercury Tier comes with a full one hour meeting each month plus additional 20 minute check-ins as needed.
A unique format for sustained support.
This is a delightful and productive container for ongoing astrological care and/or study. Focus on your unfolding life events and/or on becoming the well-studied astrologer that you know you can be!
In traditional astrology, Mercury is the planet representing astrology itself. We'll use our first session together to co-create learning and support goals to meet your whole self exactly where you are.
Doing dreamwork with Alex has been such an enriching, supportive, and challenging way to view and work with myself..
Alex Maune
Amy Green   
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