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Do you ever look at something that you've loved (or tolerated) for days/weeks/months/years and suddenly decide it's no longer right? I'm certain it's not just me. I cannot be the only one who walks into the kitchen one morning and decides the wall color must change today.
Since we're on the topic… 
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Did I set out with the intention of changing a cover an eye blink after release? Definitely no. Cover design sucks up waaaaay too much of my time.
Did I try something new (for me) with the original cover? Yeah, but I'm not mad about it. A ton of time and research went into that original look and it was cute and spanky and of the moment, though, after living with it for a few months, it just didn't feel like me…or Beckett and Sunny. Even though I love the way the artist drew Sunny for the original cover.
I know the current trends don't seem to love real people on covers…but I'm not ready to get rid of them. The funny thing about that is, when I was first starting out as an author, I was so emphatically against real people on covers. At the time, I loved objects and landscapes and abstract things. I loved flowers on covers, even if the book wasn't about flowers. And I still do! Give me all the flowery covers.
Cover art is such a weird, wonky element of our internal experience with books. And all of it is valid. We're multifaceted creatures with complex interests and schema to shape the way we interact with the world. Some of us have very strong schema on what is “right” for covers, especially spicy contemporary romance covers. It's okay. Might not be the experience shared by all but it's okay. We don't all have to like the same things in the same way, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. 
Over time, as with all things, my perspective shifted. I love the women on the Walsh series books right now. It took years to collect all those images (side note: rebranding a long series is like remodeling your house. You'll always run into trouble halfway through and it always takes twice as long as planned. Let's not even start on the cost). I love the guys on the Vital Signs ebooks. There will never ever be a cover image more perfect for a character than the one for Dr. Stremmel on The Worst Guy. And at the same time, I really love the looks for In a Jam and the Santillian Triplets books. Lots of things can true at the same time. 
So, this is a clunky way of explaining that I woke up one morning and decided to change the covers for Shucked. There's an ebook look and a paperback look, which isn't always my preference because I enjoy order, but it felt right for this book. Since we don't all have to like the same things in the same ways, it's okay if you prefer the original look. It's okay if you don't like any of them. 
Covers are just the energy of the story--which can take many forms. The interior is the emotional experience. 
Thanks for sticking with me through this little journey into my thought processes. I hope you're doing well. The world continues to be so much and I'm thankful that I can lose myself in books now (again/always).
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A book gift for you!
I think I've mentioned Hunted by Adriana Anders before but let me take this moment to talk about it again. This is the first book in the Camp Haven series and introduces us to this adults-only spicy summer camp. Grace is new to the lifestyle and isn't sure where she belongs--both at camp and anywhere else. Liev is an artist and the owner of the camp, and he's grieving the loss of his wife several years ago. It takes some heated moments to shake things up for them. As with all things, check the content warnings though I will say the upfront communication and limit-setting is very well done. We know Grace is never in any danger.  
The next in the series is Possession, which is a deeply layered fake marriage in trouble story. If you're looking for spice in a highly inclusive setting, this series is for you. Available in KU.
A quick note about tiny earbuds!
I had no idea we all had itsy bitsy ears but I've never had more comments and questions than I did about those tiny earbuds that I mentioned last week. Quick-ish answers to the most prevalent questions:
yes, they do connect to Bluetooth for calls although I don't have any experience with that as I only use them for listening to background noise videos and reading audios. I'm currently listening to the full-cast audio of Daisy Jones and the Six and I already know it's going to ruin me for all other audios. It's so good. I'm hoping to finish it just in time for the full-cast dramatized audio of Fourth Wing, which lands on December 27. 
yes, I've tried a bunch of other products although these fit my ears with the least amount of pain and the fewest spontaneous popping-out moments.
no, I don't wear earbuds all day, so I can't really speak to long-term usage. I'm more of an hour here, an hour there user.
I also have this set, which I keep in my bag for when I'm writing in coffee shops and need to stop eavesdropping. Also gets the job done and I have used these for calls before. Work beautifully.

Typos and broken links happen. It's okay. The earth is very hot and fragile, and so are we.
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