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"How Black Mothers Say I Love You" is a play written by Trey Anthony. It tells the story of Daphne, a Jamaican immigrant and single mother who has been living in Canada for most of her adult life. The play explores themes of family, identity, and forgiveness as Daphne's three daughters come together to care for their mother after she is diagnosed with cancer. Throughout the play, the characters navigate their past and present relationships, cultural differences, and the challenges of expressing love in their own unique ways. It's a heartfelt and powerful story that celebrates the strength and resilience of Black women and the complexities of mother-daughter relationships.
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“Sweet, touching and funny, ample in its raw emotion, How Black Mothers Say I Love You can’t help but work its way into your heart.” 
Ottawa Tonite
“Anthony plumbs this generational trauma to create a story of poignant truth about racism, colonialism, and their effect on the family… Trey Anthony is a national treasure. ” 
Mooney on Theatre
“She's especially adept at switching from the serious to the comic in a few lines, and the audience reacts audibly to certain revelations as well as to the play's moments of intensity and humour.” 
NOW Magazine
“Powerful and touching... As the title indicates, of course, one of the play’s themes explores alternate expressions of love, whether it’s leaving the ham bone out of the stewed peas for one’s vegetarian offspring, or finding the perfect hat for a fashion-challenged daughter to wear to church.” 
Ottawa Citizen
Don't miss this opportunity to witness a story that transcends cultures and speaks to the universal language of love. To know more, email or visit Trey Anthony's official website