Weekly DiVa | Nov 26 2023
How was your week? Did you have a big Thanksgiving meal/get-together? Was it fun? Or stressful? (These things can go either way.) I had a lovely time with family. We all got along famously, and the food was delightful. Plus there were movies and Star Trek…what could be better? 
If my email on Friday got buried in the mountain of other Black Friday emails, then listen up! (That felt a bit direct.) The Samantha Kidd mysteries are each on sale for $2.99 until midnight (ish) tonight! This is a fill-in-the-gaps sale for you. It's unadvertised, meaning the only place I'm telling anyone about it is right here. I should mention that “midnight” is Eastern Standard Time, so you west coast people need not delay. 
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also…the SCIENCE FICTION PROMO continues!
You've got a few more days to take advantage of the science fiction promo. It runs through Nov 30. Find it here: https://books.bookfunnel.com/sci-fi-series-sale/malpvqev4s
I find myself caught between “OMG, 2023 is almost over!” and “OMG, I've got a whole other month to 2023!” This year, more than most lately, feels like it is flying by, but when I think back to things I did in January and February, they're a faint memory. The vortex of time is particularly mysterious around the holidays.
It's easy to look forward to next year, especially if you're a planner, but there's a lot to be said for seeing exactly where we are and where we've been. So let's all agree to take a moment to recognize life is a journey, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate exactly the rest stop where we are. 

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