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In the Sangha, you can feel the collective energy supporting your practice. You can feel the Sangha carrying you like a strong hand holding a fragile leaf. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Inaugural Edition, Summer 2024
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Embracing Beginner's Mind
By LoriLee Villwock and Christine Jacobi
As the Rooted In Mindfulness community rolls out Voices, a new creative venture, the natural inclination is to embrace the essence of cultivating a beginner's mind.
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Personal Insights: At the Heart of Our Practice 
by Jesse Foy
Insight is essential and at the heart of our meditation and mindful living practice. It’s a light that reveals the true nature of our experiences, helping us find understanding, well-being, and genuine happiness. But what exactly is insight?
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The Dharma At Work
by Lauri Flick-Harty
As a practicing psychotherapist, listening, reflecting, and talking are central elements of my work. 
Every person I encounter and every story deserves the shared openness of the Beginner's Mind. 
Mindful Mosaics
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Beginner's Mind 
Art and Poem by Nancy Maronn
Read Beginner’s Mind, a poem Nancy wrote to accompany her original artwork above. Beginner’s Mind explores the creative view of both the artist and her subjects in their broader environments.
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Nature Meditation KM Group
Kalyana Mitta is the Pali word for a spiritual friend. The path is not designed to be walked alone, but with valued spiritual friends.
Nature offers her gifts unconditionally . . . we rely heavily on the resources of earth to survive and return the favor by treating the earth with respect, restrain and loving care.
RIM Volunteer Reflections
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Unfolding a Rusty Lawnchair
An Interview with Chawki Belhadi
Chawki is a RIM Volunteer Greeter. He was attracted to the role of greeter because he knows first hand how isolated some people feel in a new experience.  
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Teaching Mindfulness to Kids 
An Interview with Amy Gardner
Many members of the RIM Community are familiar with Amy Gardner in her role as one of our esteemed Mindfulness teachers. What might surprise some is that Amy has extended her expertise to teaching mindfulness to children in the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), a commitment she has enjoyed for several years.

We are excited to share this 1st edition of VOICES, RIM's new community magazine. Enjoy creative expressions, heart-felt personal stories, and event news showcasing the spirit of our Dharma community.
We invite you to be a part of VOICES because your voice is a beautiful echo of the RIM Sangha! 
Are you willing to share your time and talent with the RIM Sangha? Learn how you can share your story and contribute in other ways to VOICES. Send us an email. :) We would love to hear from you! 
Your feedback is important to us. We need and welcome your comments on this 1st Edition of VOICES. What did you like? What would you like to see in future editions of our community news? [newsletter@rootedinmindfulness.org]
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