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Thanksgiving ushers in turkey, stuffing… and also Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. If you’re like me, you used the long weekend to start making lists of who needs what from whom - and racking your brain for another fun idea for the people you love.
Here are a few of my fav gifts to give this season

For the people who help you with your life:
A cute bag of my favorite things: 
Share your favorite things with the people you love - and who help you do your life. I do this for nanny, babysitters, girlfriends, sister-in-laws, hostess gifts and women I admire in my network. Sharing the things I love with them introduces them to my favs. Here are the items I’ve included the last couple of years:

For your executive leaders or big clients:
Farmgirl Flowers
So chic. Farmgirl Flowers always delivers shockingly beautiful arrangements. Great for the people on your list that you just don’t know what to get them - or you don't know them well enough to get them stuff. Everyone loves a beautiful floral arrangement for the holidays - so festive and nostalgic. Can be a nice touch for neighbors (like: sorry my guests always block your driveway) or delivered to someone who hosted your fam for the Holidays.
Family game night basket
Sharing how your family has made memories and gifting that to another family is such a good reminder that time together is the best gift of all. Add in a few boxes of candy or dried fruit if you're feeling healthy and a few bags of micro popcorn and you have a party basket. Here are a few of my family's current favorites:
A date night out + cash for a sitter
This is so simple, but gives couples the gift of quality time. Get a gift card to a fav restaurant and go the extra step of adding in some cash to pay a sitter. Just feels so extra and helpful. 

For the someone-special-splurge: 
Shoes for a year (or a quarter)
This is my favorite gift I have ever received. Several years ago the hubs gave me a new pair of shoes, every month, for a YEAR. It was so fun. He worked with a stylist at a store and she just sent a pair of shoes to our house each month. TBH - I’ve never gifted it - but I want to… Really, anything you love - receiving it once a month for a year - so fun.
Travel bag with an outfit in it
I worked on a year-long project with someone last year - and did this as a gift. I purchased this bag and packed it with a super fun, travel-friendly outfit. I chose a dress, sweater and a hot pair of sneakers. It was a great way to go over the top and really customize a unique surprise. This is definitely a gift I’ll be revisiting.

Stash Away these things so you’re prepared: 
I always have a stockpile of things for teachers, bus drivers, coaches, Secret Santa’s that sneak up on me, Sunday School teachers and everyone else you may have accidentally forgotten.
  • Gift cards - have $15, $25 & $50 Target & Starbucks on hand
  • Williams Sonoma Peppermint bark - name one person who doesn’t love it. And it’s a holiday splurge. I buy 8-12 of them to add to a gift card or leave behind as a hostess gift.
  • Buy a few extras of the items on your favorite-things list – so easy to throw into a cute bag with a gift card to round it out.

Don’t let the task of buying and wrapping all the things distract you from the joy that comes from having so many people in your life to love. This is a season of reminding your people how much they mean to you. 
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PS Don’t forget to download my Task Planner tool as you head into 2024 planning – it makes such a difference to take all those tasks floating around your brain and write them down on paper/systemize them. Find it here.
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