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Friday is finally here! What is it about the week after a long weekend that makes that particular week seem to drrrrrraaaaaaagg on? I don't know about you, but I am definitely ready for the weekend! One thing I've done this week? Organize, organize, organize, and plan for 2024! Not only did I tentatively set some release days, but I've also been hard at work on plans for newlsetter exclusives and trying to get ready what should be a busy AND AMAZING 2024!
Are you a planner? What about organization?
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Can we talk about this GIF? I've never actually seen the Marie Kondo show, but I did hear that she talked about getting rid of books.
Ummm…record scratch…what?
Otherwise, I can get on board!

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How about a sneak peek?
“Channing.” I try to make his name sound like a warning, but it comes out too breathy.
“I like my real name on your lips, even though Charming was close,” he murmurs and fixates his attention to my mouth.
Heat travels through my body, igniting every nerve to beg for his touch.
“Why are you doing this?”
“Because I haven’t been able to get you off my mind. Not since I woke up and found myself alone. Fu©k, not since the moment I saw you in the ballroom.”
“It was only one night.”
“Are you telling me that’s all you want? You’ve been able to forget me so easily?” The fire in his eyes as they search mine burns through the lie resting on my tongue.
“You haven’t stopped thinking about it either. Have you, Elle?”
I sink my teeth into my lip to stem the words, but my body betrays me with a shake of my head.
“Do you think about me when you touch yourself? Pretend it’s my hands on your body the same way I remember your hands on mine?”
I whimper at the images he conjures.
“Tell me,” he demands.
“Yes.” I meet his gaze and trail my hands up to link my hands behind his neck.
The move presses my breasts more against his chest, and the friction drives my need for him higher.
“Kiss me,” I tell him.
I don’t wait for his response and pull him down even as he lowers his head. Our mouths meet in a fiery explosion of fireworks and sensation with a direct line to my core. Channing’s tongue traces along my lips, and I open to allow him to take complete control of our kiss as my pu$$y throbs under the onslaught.
His arm tightens around my waist and arches me farther against him. I’m only vaguely aware of the thud of the mug hitting the thick desk before his other hand grips my a$$ and squeezes.
I break the kiss on a mewl, my head tipping back on my shoulders. He takes advantage and drops his lips to my neck, finding the sensitive spot just below my earlobe. Shifting my hands to his hair, I hold him in place. He nips at my earlobe, and my knees buckle with pleasure.
Without missing a beat, he boosts me into his arms until my legs wrap around his waist. He pulses his hips, rubbing his erection against the center seam of my pants.
He groans and his fingers flex against my thighs.
“Let me,” he growls.
His lips continue their assault on my jaw, neck, and ear.
The rational part of me knows what I should say.
That side of you wouldn’t be kissing your stepbrother.
“Elle.” My name is a vibration against my skin and travels through my body to obliterate rational thought.
I don’t even know what he wants me to agree to.
Do you care?
Memories of our night together flash through my body and leave nothing but heat in their wake.
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Nothing good happens after midnight…or does it?
One night of living Cinderella’s fairy tale led to the most incredible experience of my life. No names. No identities. Just two strangers indulging in toe-curling fantasy.
But fairy tales don’t exist, right? Certainly not when he shows up at my door one month later.
My sexy Prince Charming turns out to be my stepbrother…and he’s spending the holidays with us so there’s no escape. He has two objectives: judging my family’s bed and breakfast, The Glass Slipper, and trying to pick up where we left off. And with every mind-blowing kiss, I’m forgetting why we can’t.
Our clock already struck midnight and I learned a long time ago not to mix business with pleasure. But what if my stepbrother is the happily ever after I’ve always wanted?
There are four books NOW LIVE in Mistletoe Creek! Did you know you can order the entire series for only $0.99/book?
Once upon a time…it’s how every good fairytale starts. But these aren’t your childhood fairytales. This holiday season, eleven of your favorite authors are spicing up your favorite fairytales all set in the small town of Mistletoe Creek, Tennessee. Grab your cocoa and meet your Prince Charming because happily ever after has a whole new meaning…
Robbing from Mistletoe by Ember Davis - NOW LIVE
Once Upon a Frosted Winter by Gail Haris - NOW LIVE
Midnight in Mistletoe by Breanna Lynn - NOW LIVE
Wicked Love by Emmanuelle Snow - NOW LIVE
Say My Name by Alina Lane
All Snowed Gin by Claire Hastings
Taming Mistletoe by January Rayne
Entangled by Aria Wyatt
Mistletoe Wishes by Sasha Marshall
The Wolf and the Woodsman by Mae Harden

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For the first time ever, I have a bonus epilogue for Midnight in Mistletoe that's EXCLUSIVE for my Patreon subscribers. Have you joined my page yet?
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💕 4/18-4/21: Readers Take Denver in Denver, CO
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💕 8/10: Ignite Your Soul Author Event in Toronto Canada
💕 10/5: The Traveling Bookshelf in Grapevine, TX

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