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“Sir Isumbras at the Ford,” John Everett Millais (1857). Perhaps a visual meditation on our attachment to our “armor,” as discussed in the first episode of my new podcast. 
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Well, dang. It has been a while. There's so much to catch up on that this one actually got so long that I had to give up on sending it as an email and just moved it to a video—that link is below. And even that video is only the tip of the iceberg of everything I want to talk about and share with you, so this is just a quick hello before I'm back with more very soon.
First, a wee bit of housekeeping: I just moved this list over to a new platform when I discovered the old one was in bed with Meta/Facebook. I’ve cleaned it up as best I can but I think there are a few of you who are signed up under multiple emails, which is why you might get this more than once. I didn’t want to decide for you which email you want to keep. So if you just got spammed, just unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of the page from the account(s) you don’t want to use. 
And of course if you don’t want to hear from me at all, you can unsubscribe anytime for any reason! I won’t hold it against you.
I have a lot of projects and ideas percolating for 2024. The first one is a new podcast, “The Face of the Deep,” which is a podcast-about-everything. You can watch the first episode here, which is about my mission to integrate all of my efforts (or at least a lot of them!) and finally bring to an end my lifelong practice of compulsive impression-management that has in many ways estranged me from my own life. 
This is a huge topic, and this approach is how it makes the most sense for me right now to grapple with the ever-present “childhood trauma” question. In brief: the past is not everything. But it is also not nothing. Some distortions are “stickier” than others. I am very interested in revealing those distortions—always an interaction of our own personality and nature and our unchallenged inferences about the world—in order to more effectively challenge them. 
As I mention in the video, I'm excited to talk to all kinds of people on this podcast—I'm interested in topics ranging from psychology to metaphysics to permaculture and most things in between—so if you yourself would like to join me for a conversation or have a recommendation, please shoot me an email!
A few topics and conversations that are planned for the next few weeks include the relationship between telling the truth and emotional eating, the Quaker concept of “circles of trust” and how it has shifted my coaching philosophy, and a few lessons from my first year of attempting to plant and grow my permaculture food forest. If you're getting this, you're on the One List to Rule Them All so you'll get notifications about all of that.
(And just because I know some of you might be worried—nothing is changing with Beat Your Genes or my other work with Dr. Lisle—I'm just changing things up with my solo stuff. Actually, there is a slight change coming to Beat Your Genes in the new year, but don't worry—it's a good one!)
Thanks for coming along for the latest ride with me, and I'll be reaching out with more again very soon.
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